Kick-Start My Life - Q & A

What is the 'Kick-Start My Life' program?


This program is specifically designed to give you the courage and confidence to move forward in a specific, problematic area of your life that has been bothering you for a while.


Pick an issue in your life that you wish to have a healing on, and then we will design your healing treatments to suit your goal. For example: if you have been suffering from migraines often, we can find out the underlying cause and may then decide to provide 3 Reiki treatments. (If the cause of the migraines turns out to be more serious, we will refer you to a medical professional for immediate assistance).


Or perhaps you had been hurt by an ex-partner before and as a result been unable to go on with your life by finding a new love, no matter how much you feel ready for it. Or perhaps you have been suffering from a debilitating phobia of any kind (e.g. social phobia, public speaking phobia) that has been stopping you from enjoying a more fulfilling life. We will work together to overcome these discomforts by selecting the appropriate healing treatments for them.

How does the program work?


The Kick-Start My Life program starts off with a 1-hr Angel Reading session. During the session, we will discuss what you hope to achieve by enrolling into this healing program. Your guardian angels will give you guidance on which particular energy healing modalities are suitable for what you are trying to achieve. You will get a total of 3 x 1hr weekly healing treatment sessions which will usually be in a specific order as advised by your angels.


They will be able to give you counsel on which particular modalities you needed the most, in order to maximise their life-changing effects and give the boost required for your specific healing needs.


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