*** Local clients, please contact Adele directly on 03 9568 8051 for bookings that start within/less than 24 hours, to confirm availability. ***
For more detailed information about each service please check out our FAQ page.
'Fair Energy Exchange' Payment System Explained and Terms & Conditions:
Following inner guidance on how to live and operate my spiritual services the higher-dimensional way, I will now let the person who needs my direct, personalized assistance to decide how much they feel that my service(s) is worth to them, and/or, however much they can afford to pay. All AUD amounts will be seriously considered and will only be accepted if it is a fair and reasonable amount, for all parties involved.
Upon my agreement to provide the requested service, you need to then simply make an upfront payment via: PayPal or, Direct bank deposit/EFT (for local clients only).
For more details on how to book, simply click the specific service that you want above, or click on 'Learn More'.
Full payment for all Distance & On-Site sessions must now be made upfront, before your appointment can start.
And please read the Terms & Conditions of your booking, before making a payment.
Your payment will indicate that you have read, understood and, accepted all Terms & Conditions.
Please note:

We reserve the right to follow my own inner guidance, to possibly decline your request for individualized assistance due to whatever reason, especially if/when we intuitively feel that: you are not ready, or, it is not yet in the Divine Timing, or, helping you is not for our Higher Good.

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All advice provided by Raphael's Healing Space on this website, or, during the course of your private session with Adele is spiritually-based. It is highly recommended that you use your own discretion & intuitive wisdom when deciding whether to follow the guidance given.

Raphael's Healing Space will never give spiritual advice that conflicts with advice given by other professionals looking after your life affairs (e.g. a medical professional).


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