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Telephoning Heaven

What would you do when you have finally realised that you have a direct line of communication with God, with all the Saints and Ascended Masters (e.g. Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, Quan Yin, Kuthumi, Muhammad, Mother Mary and many others), with all of the angels and Archangels, your guides/support team and all of your deceased loved ones?

Would you then live a happier, peaceful and more secure lifestyle? Knowing that you have, at your side, all these highly-evolved and very powerful Light beings of Love and Wisdom surrounding you always, every moment of every day, ready to give you their advice and loving support to everything you ask.

You may doubt and ask yourself these questions instead: 'Why would they always be ready on standby to help me out?' 'Is it truly possible that I am really that important to God?' If you truly do not know the answer to the last question, then please read the following statements with a partial focus on your heart now. Your heart will recognise the truth of these statements:

You are loved beyond measure. You are the apple of God's eyes.

He/She has never ever left you. You are NEVER alone.

If you'd had moments in the past when you felt most isolated and alone, like the entire world had abandoned you, please believe me when I said that during those times of trial and suffering, God carried you in His arms; He kept you loved and safe.

Before you were born, a support team (mostly comprised of guardian angels and members of your soul family who have been with you for countless lifetimes) was formed to help you during your physical adventure here on Planet Earth. This support team is always, always by your side. Protecting you, guiding you, loving you, supporting you and caring for you in every way you allow them to be, within the limits that you had told them would be acceptable to you, prior to your incarnation here.

As we are called to become more spiritually awakened in these powerful days of positive changes, more and more of you are becoming increasingly aware of the existence of your support team - speaking and having discussions with them each day as if they were friends in the room with you, for indeed they are.

And for those of you who are completely new and open to the idea of communicating with your support team of angels, spirit guides, Ascended Masters or Father/Mother God, below I have written 3 simple steps that can help you do so, drawn from 20+ years of personal experience.

The more you practice communicating with God and your support team, the deeper and loving your relationship with them becomes. Are you getting more and more excited to start? Cause they sure are very excited to talk to you again like long-lost friends now being reunited. So let us now begin!

Step 1): Start by stating your wish/intention, either by saying it out loud or by simply thinking it clearly.

God, His team of angels and all members of your support team hear, know, feel and see all of our thoughts, words, feelings and actions at ALL times. So, to activate your direct line of communication with the Divine, you can simply say/think:

"Dear God and my support team, from now on, I want to be able to hear you more clearly and communicate with you as easily as if I were chatting with you on the telephone. I thank you always for your continuous guidance, protection and love in my past, present and future. Thank you for helping me to permanently release all existing blocks I may have to making this happen."

And next you just have to believe and act as if what you have just asked for has already been given to you, i.e. the line of communication is now wide open, ready to be put into everyday practice!

Step 2): Remove all blocks, fears, worries and all obstacles that are currently standing in your way of having an open channel of communication with the Divine.

Make a list by writing down all fears you may have about having a direct line to God or your support team. And once you have admitted to yourself that these fears existed within you, ask for assistance in releasing them permanently. Face and address all of your fears one by one, send Light to these fears (by visualising in your mind these fears being transmuted into God's brilliant golden white Light), and then make the intention to release them for good.

When I first started talking to God and my support team, I had a lot of fears, worries and doubts. I was raised in a devout Catholic family; I went to Catholic schools all my life and we went to church every Sunday without fail. So, below are examples of my own fearful questions about communicating with God. It took me years to find my own answers to these fear-based questions, so hopefully it will take you much less time than I did.

a] How do I know that I am really talking to Jesus or to Father God? What if I am being deceived by 'evil spirits' and thus the voices/thoughts that appeared in my head that I had been talking to all this time turned out to be spirits with malicious intent, or perhaps, even the Devil himself? Can I really trust all the answers and guidance to all the questions I had been asking for?

==> Answers: Your gut feelings/intuition will always be the most powerful barometer of Truth. All guidance, advice, words, and messages that you receive from God and/ your support team, will always be aligned with LOVE and Light. Which means, you will NEVER receive messages/advice that are potentially harmful to yourself, harmful to other people or harmful to Planet Earth Herself and any of Her inhabitants.

You also ALWAYS have the freedom, the free will to follow or not follow the guidance given. Exercising my free will meant that God always let me decide what action to take, based upon the information/knowledge that She had provided to me. He never got angry or upset if I didn't follow His advice. And, She always gave me complete freedom to exercise my own Divine powers of Creation and Manifestation to shape my life and experiences according to my own will.

And with time and practice, I had also learnt to differentiate which particular Light Being was talking to me at any given moment. Just like people, our guardian Angels, Father/Mother God, Jesus and members of our support team have personalities/quirks that can help you identify who is talking to you each time. (If you were ever in doubt, just ask them). For example, in his millions of interactions with me, Jesus' character is always very approachable, loving, patient and cheerful - He is a very cheeky bloke who always teases me like a beloved older brother, best friend and best teacher.

God the Father's character on the other hand, is exactly as the role describes. He is like THE best Dad any one could ever ask for, or dream of. Often times when I was weary, exhausted or in pain, I would just visualise myself being enveloped in His strong arms and getting a much needed hug, and then I could feel His Strength, Wisdom and Unconditional Love just filling me up and nourishing my soul.

Archangel Michael's role is mainly Protector and Guardian of all souls, and so, just like his role, he can be very direct and straight-forward (almost blunt but always loving) with his words. I always feel safe and infinitely protected in his presence and he can always be counted upon to help remove a lot of fears from my life or from the world's negativity that may be affecting me at any time.

In time, as you grow more spiritually ready, you will then be blessed with the awakening of your next latent abilities, e.g. the ability to see the spiritual realm as clearly as you are currently seeing the physical realm/life on Earth.

All loving relationships take both time and effort by both parties to build. It takes time to deeply fall in love and understand the true measure and character of the other person. For those of you who have been in a long-term committed, loving relationship with someone - you know that the strength of your relationship came from the millions of interactions, loving words, loving gestures, loving cares and actions that you have both exchanged with one another. Such was my relationship with God.

I went from barely knowing God (whom I heard about so much only from Sunday Mass in church) to actually experiencing His unconditional love for me, in every moment of every day. I honestly do not know where I would be if She hasn't been there for me, as my rock, all these years. I would have probably given up on life long before my spiritual awakening officially began in 2012.

As a baby I was abandoned by my biological parents and later adopted by my parents. I found out about this in my second year of high school completely by accident. Guests in my grandparents' home were busily gossiping about how I looked completely different to my parents (by being darker-skinned). This revelation caused deep, emotional scars that I thought I would never be able to heal from. And not long after finding out the truth about my birth, I was then 'shipped' out overseas to study in a Singaporean high school, far away from the emotional support of my adoptive family, and existing friends. Though I knew (in my head) that my parents only had the best of intentions and wanted the best for me, in my heart I felt as if history was again repeating itself, in a way.

For many many years afterwards, deep inside me I kept feeling like unwanted trash who had been thrown out because I was unworthy to be loved; because there must be something wrong with me, so much so that my biological mother would willingly give up her own child. I also kept dissecting and over-analyzing my parents' intentions, every time something they said/did made me sad/unhappy; thinking thoughts such as 'If I were their biological daughter, I wouldn't be treated like this'. 'If I had real, biological parents with me, I knew I would be treated better, with so much love - more love than I ever received from my adoptive parents'. (PS: Mom & Dad, if you happen to be reading this, please know that I love you and thank you both so much, for all the love and care I received. I know that you both love me in your own ways, and have always done your best for me, so thank you. And I am sorry for all the troubles I'd caused you in the past).

I shared this very personal story with all of you reading this article, simply because I wished for you to understand how by being a strong empath - (an extremely sensitive person who is able to sense, understand and be easily influenced by the world's and other people's thoughts, moods, feelings/emotions) - further amplified the hellish depths of my emotional pain back then, and how my loving relationship with God, with the Angels and my support team was THE only thing powerful enough to heal me from all that pain.

b] What happens if people/my family and friends found out I had been talking to 'voices' in my head? Will they think I have gone utterly insane? Will I lose all my friends? What if outsiders found out? What will they think of me? If one day people were to treat me with disdain, distrust or ridicule because of my conversations with the Divine, how will I be able to handle the aftermath?

==> Answers: When we are hiding from our fears, we all tend to over-dramatize a lot in our minds and if we are not dealing with these fears in a timely manner, they will just keep getting bigger and bigger and become like the monster hiding in the closet. Once I had 'outed' myself in recent years, to the world and to my family and friends, I've found that those who love me have kept loving me anyways. Whether they believed me or not when I shared with everyone that I have been in constant, direct communication with God was not important. Yes, I had grown apart/lost contact with some friends, maybe because they thought I was too weird and had changed too much. But all is good; all is okay. I have since then made new friends who share the same beliefs and values in life, and most of all, who love God and All That Is just as much as I do. I have learnt that what people think of me is not important. What's important for me is to stick with what I know and have personally experienced to be Truth, and to share and spread the unending love God has given me with the world around me, in whatever way I can.

c] What makes me think that I am worthy to be talking to God directly? From the bible I got the impression that God the Father only ever talked to all the 'holy people' 'prophets' and 'saints', or to Lord Jesus directly. Why would God want to talk to a super-ordinary, non-special, even unworthy person like me who had made a lot of mistakes in life and was guilty of having done so many of those so-called 'sins' as my religion had told me?

==> Answers: These questions can only be answered through your own personal experiences with our loving God. The short answer is: God showed me the evidence of His love too many times to count. And made me feel loved beyond measure, with His many words and continuous caring, loving support. She gave me the kind of love that I had been longing for from my parents: a love totally free of judgments and conditions.

And ultimately, what He dearly wishes is for us to love ourselves in exactly the same way He does, and for us to remember this biggest, previously forgotten, spiritual truth: we are ONE with God, and with All That Is (literally, figuratively and energetically) - we were all made in His image and likeness. We have all chosen to temporarily forget our true Highest Selves and come to Earth in our physical vessels, to exercise Her gift of free will and demonstrate our own abilities as Creator of our lives and of New Earth.

Earth is our playground; our illusionary Matrix - our playing field, created exactly for this purpose. (Read David Wilcock's - a renowned scientist and author - books such as 'The Source Field Investigations' for scientific evidence of these facts). The divinely-inspired movies, The Matrix trilogy (with Keanu Reeves playing the part of Neo) had done well in their attempts to disclose this spiritual truth out into the world. Another world-famous, leading expert in many things spiritual: Dr. Wayne W Dyer, he wrote a book called 'Wishes Fulfilled' that irrevocably changed my life for the better. Borrow from the public library/buy his 'Wishes Fulfilled' dvd to get very inspiring guidance on how to discover our latent, powerful, Creator abilities and use them to create & manifest our wishes/dreams into our physical reality.

Thus our Creator God would never punish/condemn us for our so called mistakes or 'sins', as they were all valuable experiences that will ultimately get us closer to the awakening of our Highest Selves - for a full and complete embodiment in our physical bodies (a process widely known as Ascension).

d] How would I be able to have some privacy for the kind of unloving, maybe angry, hateful thoughts I may have later about myself, about God or about others, if God is always present monitoring my thoughts?

==> Answers: We all have our good days and bad days. God knows and understands that all too well, that physical life on Earth can be challenging even for the greatest saints and sages of our time. Planet Earth has always been the most demanding and taxing 'school' in the Universe that can rapidly advance our spiritual evolution by leaps and bounds. Those who have chosen to come here have always been the bravest, fearless and the most adventurous of souls.

There had been days in the past when I totally blamed and hated God for sending me (a strong empath and highly-sensitive soul) here, to a low-vibrational planet (back then - before recent changes) that was often so terribly filled with chaos, suffering, violence, unending thirst for power, greed, hatred and darkness.

All my life I have always known that Earth is not my 'real' home. I had struggled to find a sense of belonging here and always felt different from other people around me. It was as if I was part of an alien race of Light Beings who was dropped off here to be a part of the Ground Crew (whose higher mission is to assist in bringing about New Earth), and then later forgotten.

Thus there were many, many days when I felt so sad with God who kept ignoring my repeated, heartfelt pleas to leave this planet/life and go back Home to His side, by telling me that I still have important work to do here. I will leave it up to your imagination as to what exactly was my response to that.

On some other bad days I could be so angry and upset over what I thought She had done to me, so much so that I used a lot of vulgar swear words that I would never be able to say to people in the real world.

I realised now that I must have said all those words not only to try to hurt His feelings (as much as I felt I had been hurt), but also to test just exactly how deep is Her love for me.

And guess what? Through it all, God's patience, forgiveness and love for me was never ending; He has never left my side and our relationship and my understanding of Her just deepens all the more through the thick and thin, and through everything I have experienced in life.

So, as you can see above, some of my fears were so deeply entrenched within me, all coming mostly from childhood experiences and upbringing. It literally took me years before I was able to trust God's voices in my head fully and unreservedly.

And through all those years, God and all members of my support team, had continuously demonstrated to me more than a million times: that their love for me is completely unconditional; that I am so very precious to them; that their loving support is so powerful, and that no request/question of mine was ever too small or too big for them to arrange/answer.

Even now I ask for their help constantly, for small matters like: making sure my train arrived on time for an important meeting, or for bigger things like: making sure I am always financially provided for. Walking through life with God and support team by my side, I have found that small and big miracles happened often in my life. For example, one day when I was feeling really down, I went to a suburban park to meditate. Halfway through meditation, a bunch of Australian magpie birds (maybe 10 of them) was amazingly gathered close by, facing me, and started singing the most beautiful symphony for about 10 minutes continuously. If you have ever heard one singing magpie before, you'll know exactly how amazing and powerful its voice is. And then imagine 10 of them singing together! It truly brought back memories of our Home in Heaven, where there is an abundance of breath-taking symphonies such as this.

Another example of a miracle was when one day I was experiencing financial difficulties. Payday was about 4 days away and I had run out of money to buy food. And as usual, being a super independent soul, I refused to ask for help from other family members and decided to trust in God and believed that everything would be all right. To this day, I am still amazed as to what happened next. I went to the city for an appointment, and found a $20 note just miraculously lying on the ground in front of me, in a crowded, public space. There was no one around whom I could return the money to, and no one noticing the money just lying there. I asked God if it was okay for me to use it to buy food, and I'm sure you can guess His answer: the money was left there for me. It was exactly the right amount to tide me over until payday. It was truly synchronicity in action, with everything happening according to Her perfect, Divine timing.

Step 3): Trust your answers and God completely.

After Step 2 is now completed, you are ready to start your loving relationship with God and your support team. So let us begin now by asking them a simple question about anything you wish to know today. It can be as simple as: "God, since I am feeling down today, please tell me what small steps I can take right now that will bring more joy and lift up my spirits today". The first thought/inspiration that came to your mind will be His answer to your question. A vision of your favourite park/beach may come to mind - inviting you to spend the day outdoors in nature; or your favourite song suddenly came on playing on the radio - thus inspiring you to listen to more music to uplift your spirits; or, a friend may suddenly call you out of the blue - inviting you to spend some time with positive, uplifting people.

God talks to all of us all of the time. It is up to us to notice and pay attention to what She is saying. He answers our questions and works in so many wondrous ways for the Highest Good of everyone involved. So always be open and receptive to Her voice, works and ways that may involve everything and everyone in your life. God is also big on things happening according to His perfect, Divine Timing. So if you haven't been getting what you've been asking for, it's not because He doesn't love you.

It's either: a matter of Divine timing; or perhaps what you had been asking for would interfere with another person's free will; or more blocks/fears need to be released to get what you want; or you may get something else altogether that will be better suited for you or for your Higher Path.

God will never answer your questions with, nor give you, anything that will disempower you from your own Creative abilities and your own expression of Divine Will.

And as you begin to trust in Her voice/answers/deeds all the more, your communication with Him will improve to the highest degree, to a state where there is zero time gap/lapse between your questions and you receiving the answers. Soon, after much practice you will be able to talk to Him constantly, in your head, sharing wonderful, loving, supremely wise or funny conversations about anything and everything.

Our Creator is an all-powerful, all-loving God. He is Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent. She is the Source, the Supreme/Prime Creator. He is the God of all sciences, of all sentient beings and races, of all religions and faiths. God and our beloved support team of spirit guides, angels and Ascended Masters are completely non-denominational, and able to help souls from all different backgrounds. Having direct access to His loving words and Her infinite wisdom will bring great blessings and miracles not only to your life, but to all the lives you touch everyday.

I hope the sharing of my life experiences here will help you to have your own life-changing, miraculous, enriching and deeper relationship with God that you all deserve to have.

I am sending all of you who are reading this post, much love, joy, light and peace. Namaste.

This article is dedicated to God and my beloved support team, in loving gratitude for everything I am; everything that I have and everything that I experience in the past, present and future.

Love you God - more than words could ever express, and yet here in this article I'd tried!

All rights reserved - Raphael's Healing Space. Copyright from 2018 to the present.

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