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Energy Healing Demystified

When I first began my energy healing profession several years ago, the Universe sent someone, who highly doubted the efficacy of energy healing treatments, my way. Back then, immediately after our encounter, I began the process of writing this blog; to help address the concerns he brought up. This blog took years for me to complete as I first needed to grow in my experience as a healer, before I can actually publish this.

I felt like this must be written from the authentic perspective of an experienced energy healer, so that it will 'ring' true and resonate in the hearts of many people reading it. Today, more than 3 years later, I finally feel ready to present my energy healing work experience with all of you here.

In this article, a detailed explanation of what energy healing is all about and its wonderful benefits will be provided to the mainstream public in a simple, direct, easy-to-understand language. It will serve as a good introduction for those who have little or zero exposure to the practices of energy healing.


Let us begin by defining what energy is. Most people will simply describe energy as something we need to accomplish our day-to-day physical activities. Our food and drinks are energy resources harnessed by our bodies to fuel our daily endeavours.

Science has proven that everything is energy. Our thoughts, our words, our feelings and actions; everything we see, every sound we hear, feel and touch are made up of energy. Energy, in its purest, raw form, is ever-present and ever-abundant in the Universe; waiting to be harnessed for it to be useful in the physical world.

Think of electricity. Mankind has invented a lot of tools (turbine generators, nuclear power plants etc.) and discovered a lot of different resources (solar, wind, fossil fuels, nuclear) which can be used for electricity generation.

Albert Einstein, one of the greatest scientists of all time, had discovered that we are all composed of energy and energy fields, which interconnect us to All That Is. Energy is the basic component of all living and non-living beings (e.g. rock, sand, table, fridge etc.). Even our planet is simply one big Energy Matrix, our physical 'Playing Field' that is entirely composed of energy.

So if all of us, including the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms and Planet Earth herself, are made up of energy and we each have our own energy fields, how do we separate our individual energy fields from other people's energy fields?

The answer is we can't. It is impossible to keep my energy field separate from yours, or from the entire world's, because energetically, we are ONE.

Our science is now proving without a doubt that there is NO separation between you, me and the rest of the world.

What used to exist as a spiritual law: The Law of One - understood, abided and heeded only by the most spiritually adept, has now been scientifically proven to be a fact.

Most of us have come across a situation in the past when we entered a room, and immediately you just intuitively 'knew' that there was something wrong. Negative/low vibrational energies were in the air. This could be caused by a recent fight between the room's occupants, or it could be because the occupant's states of being and/ past actions whilst in the room were so negative that the entire place felt depressing or dark.

How were you able to sense this? The answer is obvious. Your energy field blended with that of the room's and your intuition/inner knowing helped you to make a decision to quickly exit the room before it affected you even further. This is how other people's moods and emotions can easily affect us just by simply being in their presence. And this is also how highly empathic people ~ people who are very energy-sensitive ~ could easily feel the reverberating effects of a tragic event that happened thousands of miles across the planet from them.

It is good to be aware that all the words we have ever said, all the feelings we have ever felt, all the actions we have ever done and all the thoughts we have ever thought about ALWAYS leave an energetic imprint, either in your own energy fields/auras, or in your homes. We are what we think are. We are what we say we are. We are always being the person we feel we are. And we are what we do.

e.g. If you think you are a good person, then chances are you are. This self-belief will then cause you to behave in such a way that makes you want to consistently match your beliefs with the actions you take in life.

This is why it is important, for the sake of living a healthy, balanced, joyful and fulfilling life, that we:

1) Make a strong intention to always align your entire being (mind, body, emotion and spirit) to your Higher Selves, or to Divine Love every day.

2) Constantly clear your body's energy fields (your aura) and your homes daily. If you are an empath (someone with a high level of energy sensitivity), the daily practice of clearing your auric fields is even more crucial to keep you healthy, balanced and normal.

The energy vibrations of all that we think and all that we say or do, affect everyone and everything in the entire planet collectively. This is the very definition of the 'butterfly effect'. We are all very much inter-connected.

That is why many lightworkers (all of you who have the purest of intention to serve the Light/Divine Love in your daily lives) often meditate daily to help cleanse planet Earth of all accumulated third dimensional, fearful/negative energies on any given day and transmute these into Divine Light for the highest outcome for all.

So, now that we fully understand: what energy is; how very much inter-connected we are; and how our entire being: thoughts, words, actions and behaviors can affect all in this entire world ~ we are finally ready to define energy healing.

Energy healing is the practice of channeling and utilizing the abundant energy, that is the ever-present force in the Universe, to 'correct' any imbalances that may exist in your four bodies: mental body, physical body, emotional body and spiritual body.

Energy healing treats the ENTIRE person (all the four aspects of the person); and NOT just the physical body and/ the symptoms of diseases one may be feeling/experiencing.

Energy healing takes a wholistic approach and works by returning your entire self back to perfect balance. It is best used to prevent the energetic imbalances you may be feeling from actually manifesting into a sickness that you do not want to have.

For example, people who live a very stressful life need to recognize the need to bring their life back into balance (i.e. calm, peaceful, stress-free) quickly, before all those stressful feelings/negativity manifest in poor physical health.

This is the main difference between energy medicine vs. conventional western medicine.

Once someone has 'subconsciously' manifested poor physical health into their physical reality, then conventional western medicine may be the better option for them to choose, to give them the 'relatively' instant relief from the physical pains they are experiencing.

Conventional western medicine offers immediate treatment and relief to many physical ailments and their symptoms by way of medication and/ surgeries (when the condition is too severe). However, it does not address the reason why that ailment has first appeared in someone's life. Someone may appear to be physically cured from an illness/disease with the use of conventional medicine, only to find that a few short years later, the illness has recurred. This is because the root cause of the disease had not been addressed.

Many people think that these two healing modalities are the polar opposites: one is labeled 'new age' or 'alternative therapy', whilst the other had been widely accepted by the mainstream public for quite awhile. In reality, they actually complement each other and work together in perfect harmony to help you stay wholly healthy, balanced and stress/disease-free!

We are all complex, multidimensional beings. We are made up of our past, present and future, both from this present lifetime and all of our past lives. This means, that anything negative/undesirable that we are experiencing in life right at this very moment, maybe the direct result of: unresolved past anger, hatred, negativity, sadness or trauma. The cause of a physical disease must be first resolved at the root level, before the person can be healed.

Let me give you an example to illustrate the point above: let us say there is a woman who had experienced a devastating heartbreak following a divorce. She had loved her husband deeply but received a betrayal in return. For so many years after the breakup, she'd been deeply burying a mixture of these feelings: anger, hatred, sadness, unworthiness, unloved and betrayal inside her heart. If all these pent-up feelings remain buried within, totally unresolved and unhealed, what do you think is going to happen to this woman's health in the future? There is a high chance that she may develop/manifest a heart problem or any other serious disease. That is why it is crucial for her to return to perfect health/balance in her emotional body before something like that manifests.

In this example, this woman then decided to take the initiative to heal herself in whatever way she could, e.g. by seeing a psychologist/a marriage counselor, or by practicing meditation. But what should she do if after having done all that she is still unable to get rid of a lot of the negativity that has been too deeply entrenched into her subconscious mind and body?

In this instance, an energy healing treatment can assist to get rid of all limiting beliefs, all negativity and blocks that stand in the way of one's desire to have perfect health. It is important that she is at a phase in her life where she feels ready and fully committed to return to a state of perfect balance. (Please read about the importance of being in this state of being, prior to receiving an energy healing treatment in my previous blog: "Archangel Raphael: Supreme Healer in the angelic realm.")

At the beginning of a treatment, energy healing practitioners will be able to sense the condition of their clients' energy/aura as a whole. They then scan the client's entire body, from the top of the head, to the bottom of their feet for any disturbances/imbalances that may be causing energy from flowing freely in that part of the body. We then open up ourselves to 'Universal/Divine Energy' and make the intention to be a clear, pure channel of Divine Healing. We channel this energy into our client's entire being. During the entire session, we focus purely on bringing her back into the perfect health and balance that her Higher Self already is, in actual, higher reality.

The energies that are being channeled can sometimes feel so intense and may trigger different physical sensations for different clients. Some people reported warm or hot energy coursing through their veins/through their energy meridians during a healing treatment. Others reported feeling cold throughout the entire healing session.

Everything depends on each client's healing needs. There is no right or wrong. The most important thing to remember is this: depending on how much trauma/stress/negativity a person needs to clear, an energy healing session can trigger what we healers call 'a healing crisis'.

A healing crisis is a detoxification process; a clearing and cleansing of 'inner poisons' whereby the client is forced to deal with facing the release of what had been deeply buried inside her inner being/subconscious. This toxicity needs to be first dealt with and then released, for deep healing at the root level to occur. During this stage of healing, the client must not panic and think that something has gone terribly wrong for them to be feeling worse than ever before.

A healing crisis is actually a positive indication that the energy healing has triggered a deep response; forcing the body to release and the client to deal with the arising toxicity that had been kept under wraps for so long.

How long does it take for a client to heal after visiting an energy healer?

It depends on the clients themselves: their readiness and commitment levels. If one is not yet committed nor ready for a complete healing, then he/she can go visit an energy healer many times with zero results. On the other hand, someone who is completely 'ready' may find that 1 visit is all that is necessary to give her the push that can return her entire being to perfect balance/equilibrium.

An energy healer can be likened to a tool/a pipe that is being used to channel healing energies from the Universe. It is then up to each individual client to either: welcome, accept and integrate these healing energies into their bodies and use them to bring about complete healing, OR, subconsciously create an energetic wall (placed between the healer and themselves) that is made up of worries, doubts, self-limiting beliefs (such as perhaps: having a self-fulfilling prophecy that the energy healing treatment will not work); preventing the channeled healing energies from entering/integrating deeply into their entire being, and thus preventing healing from taking place.

Here is a list of four major benefits of an energy healing treatment:

1) It can both: prevent a disease from being manifested in the physical body as well as heal someone who has already fallen sick.

2) It induces a state of relaxation where the client feels perfectly at ease; the most optimum state of being where the healing process can then begin.

3) It treats all aspects of your entire being: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual and it aligns them all to your Higher Life Purpose; your Higher Self. It triggers greater connection with your inner power to heal your own body and your life completely.

4) It promotes greater clarity, inner confidence, strength and provides greater access to the Divine Wisdom each soul has within them to solve their life challenges.

The results/the efficacy of an energy healing session can rarely be determined in a short-term period of time (except in very few occasions when the client is completely ready).

And in the case of a Pellowah treatment for example, its powerful healing benefits do not stop working when the session is over. Pellowah energy continues to work days and even weeks after the initial session; working within you to change every aspect of your life for the better by aligning them all with your life purpose.

The Pellowah session acts as a 'trigger' or as an 'activation' of your powerful Creation and Manifestation abilities. In time, this activation will then lead you to the most joyful, fulfilling, peaceful and abundant life that you deserve to have; serving the world in a role that is perfectly suited to your passion, your calling, your innate gifts and talents!

Energy healing should be viewed as a long-term, but permanent solution that can help you return to perfect health, balance and equilibrium in ALL aspects of your life.

It is 100% effective, provided that the patient, you, are ready to play an active part in making it happen.

You do not need to be in the same room or at the same geographical location as the energy healer of your choice. Energy is unlimited and unrestricted by time and space. You can receive an energy healing session from a healer who is located halfway across the world from you. And the energy being channeled through distance healing will feel just as strong as if you are receiving it in person. You can also ask your healer to send healing energies (during the session) into your past, so that a traumatic event in your life can be healed; enabling you to move forward and create a brighter future.

I am sending all of you who are reading this much Love and Light.


Adele Arini

All rights reserved - Raphael's Healing Space. Copyright from 2018 to the present.

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