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Are You Ready for Eternal Freedom? (Part 1) - Goddess of Liberty & St. Germain (April 19, 2020).


Thank you beloved I AM, St Germain & Goddess of Liberty for being with us here today.

In today's message, I would love for us to focus more on a subject that is very dear to my heart: Eternal Freedom (in all of its forms), and how to achieve this state of being permanently free from ALL fears, limitations, restrictions or oppression coming from within & without.

In our great desire to claim and experience this Divine Birthright, what message would you like to impart today, especially for the light-workers here who are close to fully embodying the I AM Presence within?

Goddess of Liberty:

Beloved Masters, the time has come for me to come forward and play a much more active part than ever before, in helping you all to fully become the ‘Torchbearer’ of the Violet Flame of Freedom, 24/7, wherever you are.

Of course, this can only occur if this is the higher choice that you wish to make, i.e. the intention that you want to set for your life & for the New Earth that you are in the middle of creating and manifesting.

If it is indeed your intention to create a better life for yourself, and, a planet Earth where Divine Freedom rules, then you need to simply state this intention out loud - right here, right now - for me to hear.

And to these beloved chelas - now that I clearly know what your intentions are - I happily give you all the following promise:

I will personally assist you until, once again, Eternal Divine Freedom becomes a manifested physical reality in ALL aspects of your life, and, a manifested collective physical reality in the world that you inhabit.

And now, to start your journey to the ‘Holy Land of Freedom’, you may wish to simply repeat as often as possible daily, the two ‘Declarations of Readiness’ that Adele’s Higher Self had recommended for you to say, at the beginning of Our previous channeled message titled ‘It’s Time To Choose’.

Your readiness to receive the everlasting freedom that you so rightfully deserve and have just asked for, will be tested even more often from now on, in all of your interactions with the people and the world around you.

Do not ever be afraid of these tests, dear Masters of Light & Love.

After all, these tests are just the means; the ways for the Universe to show you just how much you have grown each day, and how much further you have got to go, to become the full embodiment of your I AM Presence.

The life challenges that may appear in your life path are not there to be used as a comparison/competition, between you and your ‘enemy’ of the moment (e.g. if/when you happen to be thinking thoughts such as “I am more: loving, understanding, compassionate & spiritually awakened than you are at the moment, and thus I’m letting you/your mistakes go”).

Although the forgiving and letting go of someone’s mistake is definitely the Road to Peace, Harmony, and Mastery, this line of thinking is something a chela should always avoid having. It has the potential to ensnare you inside a spiritual pitfall where (in your subconscious mind) you have put yourself on a much higher pedestal than another embodied soul.

In other words, adopting this particular energetic stance ‘of being/feeling better than another’ may (in the long run) form a subconscious, new 3D programming within you; within your DNA that states: your mental/emotional/spiritual maturity is much superior than any ‘enemy’ that you have at the moment.

Loved ones, this state of being spiritually superior or, arrogant will, in the end (beyond any doubt), act as another powerful barrier in your sacred journey to fully embodying your I AM Presence.

Instead of adopting such a ‘holier than thou’ perspective, We recommend that you use the life challenges that appear on your path as a powerful indicator, to see for yourself, whether you are often winning, or, losing the ‘battles’ between your old 3D self, and your new 5D Self.

If you are into writing, We would recommend for you to write your daily victories and/or, defeats, against all Ascension-related challenges that you have to face, in a diary.

For each victory, (where you have remained successfully aligned with your I AM Presence - regardless of external provocations) you may wish to give yourself a ‘pat in the back, a hug, or a kiss‘ figuratively speaking. If it’s a big victory, then go ahead and celebrate it in any way that you wish!

And then, for every defeat, you need to simply love yourself more. Never succumb to any arising negative emotion such as anger, disappointment, guilt, or despair. Treat it as if you are now learning to ride a bicycle, and if/when you happen to fall - in your learning process - it does not mean that you are a failure. You need to simply get up, brush yourself off, and keep on trying! Know that your final & complete victory is at hand.

By diarizing your successes and failures in this manner, you are in fact: keeping track of your progress, and at the same time, taking charge of your spiritual awakening journey.

Whenever you are writing in this diary loved ones, your cells; your DNA, will start broadcasting the following message into your Energy Matrix: that you take your spiritual growth and Ascension Goals very seriously, and, you are willing to do whatever it takes, to make sure that you successfully ’cross that Finish Line’ sooner, rather than later.

And with this focused exercise, your spiritual growth will have gained Great Energetic Momentum; propelling you forward towards that Finish Line even faster! More: people, circumstances, tests, challenges as well as magical manifestations will appear in your life more rapidly. The more often you become victorious over your challenges, the faster you will manifest everything that you wish to experience in life.

In time, We have no doubt that you will be able to see plenty of personally-collected evidences of your becoming like the all-powerful, all-loving and all-wise God-Self within!

Loved ones, you will soon find that your successes far outweigh your failures, until one day, you will make the following discovery: that no matter what bad things people do to you; no matter what bad things anyone says about you, or, no matter what bad/shocking events occurring in the world that day - you will manage to easily keep your cool and successfully remain calm, patient, compassionate, kind, loving or even joyful. People around you may soon begin to wonder, and, ask you to share your secrets, on how to remain calm or happy, even when there was complete pandemonium in the world around you.

In the near future, when you have finally completed ALL of your Emotional-Integration processes (i.e. the releasing and healing of all your wounds, scars, traumas and 3D programming/habits), you will find that no one, no situation, and no event happening around you has the power to trigger you anymore.

You will have become free from being emotionally, mentally or physically affected by all external circumstances and, successfully become a bona fide Master of your thoughts and emotions. In other words, you will have gained a powerful capability to not allow the people or the world around you, to affect your thoughts/emotions; your well-being.

By that time, you will have realised that happiness, peace, harmony, unity and Freedom, is a constant choice that you have to choose, in order to manifest that reality in your life and in your world.

From that moment onwards, you will be able to easily practice the Fine Art of Complete and Total Detachment, whilst at the same time, remaining forever heart-centred and as ONE with your Higher Self - i.e. remaining loving, patient, kind and compassionate, towards the people involved in any 3D drama that may be happening around you.

The visible, countless battles between the factions of Dark and Light on your planet that has been going on for thousands of years, merely mirrored the intense battle going on within the inner psyche; within the Collective Consciousness of Mankind.

The battle between your God-Self vs. your limiting 3D personality.

As within so without.

You had all wanted to experiment and play roles whereby you successfully separated yourself from the God within, throughout so many lifetimes. And these lifetimes where Separation was the major theme; the name of the game, oftentimes felt so intensely ’real’ to you all --> successfully creating endless karmic cycles of your own making that often come from the traumas, fears, wounds that can be found in your own spirit.

Beloved Masters, are you finally ready to end this ‘Separation’ experiment; this inner battle once and for all, and come out of it completely victorious over ALL limiting conditions that had stopped you from enjoying the everlasting Freedom that has always been your Divine Birthright?

Are you ready to stop creating new karma daily, by always adhering to God’s Cosmic Laws - knowing that these Sacred Laws are actually designed to give you Unlimited experiences of Great Love, Joy, Peace, Freedom and Abundance every day, for the rest of your life?

The time has come for you all to adopt a Higher Perspective, by simply thinking that every negative or undesirable encounter that you may one day have with another human/living being, is actually a Sacred Opportunity provided by the Universe, for you to display your Mastery over your old, limiting 3D personality. With such a perspective, you will be able to easily maintain an attitude of Gratitude, for the appearance of all problems/challenges in your days!

Gratitude, Love, Peace and Joy, loved ones, are the energetic frequencies a Master/a powerful Creator always has, when confronted by LIFE.

By maintaining these higher vibrations:

1) you will find it easier to stop making unnecessary 3D drama (i.e. making a mountain out of a molehill), over any challenge/undesirable situation (e.g. the recent ‘toilet roll apocalypse‘) that you may encounter in the future,