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In God We Trust (PART 1) ~ by Paul The Venetian, the Maha Chohan (18/2/2022).

Channeler's message:

Hi everyone,

Today's message had been written in a conversational format. Together, we (Paul & I) will be going through the questions listed in the prologue.

If you have not read the prologue, I highly recommend that you read that one first, prior to reading this message.

Reading the prologue will give you the context/background information that you need - to better appreciate this conversation with Paul. You might want to consider having a copy of the prologue with you whilst reading this message.

Although a lot of the things that Paul & I will be discussing today are relevant for my own past situations, it is my hope that everything that was shared here today (i.e. the valuable life lessons that I had learnt along my Ascension path) may be useful for you, someway/someday.


Whenever Paul asked me a question, you might want to check with your heart, whether the question He was asking me, is relevant for you as well (i.e. whether He is in fact speaking specifically to you as well, in the NOW moment).

Whenever the questions are applicable for your own situations as well, that means He is asking those questions to you directly - through me: His channel/conduit.

Simply answer those questions to Him directly. Visualize, or imagine Him sitting/standing next to you.

For Paul - in this perfect NOW moment - is with you as well.

Let us begin!



Here we are at last Paul. I have been avoiding this conversation for many months.


Yes you have indeed, luv.

Do you know the reason why you had resisted having this conversation with me; with your Higher Self & Spirit team - all of whom are here with you today?


Because I just knew where this conversation would eventually lead me to, and at the time, I wasn't ready to go there.


And where did you think We were going to lead you to?


To a place where I'd have to learn to trust the people in my life again.

A place where I'd have to learn to trust humanity again - in general.

A place where I'd need to open up my heart & life to love again.


I see. Well, you had been running away from your Self for most of 2021.

Did you realize that sweetheart?


I thought by returning to my studies at university for awhile, I could automatically heal myself from all of that emotional pain. It had often been said before, that time heals everything; that as long as I changed most of my focus, to other activities/people, life would return to normal again.

And that was exactly my plan - to enjoy life as a student again; to have fun & make new friends; to expand my knowledge/skills.


Did it work?


During the busy periods when I was having fun with new friends; when there were a lot of classes to attend, or assignments to do, it worked amazingly well! Feeling really grateful for the wonderful new experiences that I'd gained last year as a student again.

University life was very healing in a way, and helped me to put a lot of things that had happened in the past, into a higher perspective. However, after my studies were finally completed, I had found myself going back to square one.


And where is square one?


The decision-making moment that I'd known for a long time would eventually come - I’d been putting it off. Now that a new path has opened up for me, I'd have to decide whether to move on with my life onto a different career path, or, to continue with this one.


And have you made up your mind now?


Yes. Otherwise we would not be having this conversation, would we? LOL:).


Why was it so hard for you to decide?


It wasn't hard to decide. Deep within me, I realize now that I'd always known what my decision would be.

The 'hard' part was coming into alignment with it.


And for the sake of people here who didn't know what your decision was, can you please tell them what have you chosen to do?


I'm choosing to stay and continue with this spiritual career path that I'd been on for the past six years.

It has not been an easy decision to make.

Of course I could have talked to my Higher Self, Spirit team, or Father/Mother God for career advice, but at the time, for all things to do with my personal life, my trust/faith level was quite shaky. Hence I was not able to fully trust that Spirit would be able to: remain unbiased, and give me valuable advice without having a conflict of interest on their end.

And so I'd discussed the matter with a few trusted people - those who could provide me with their unbiased opinion - one that was free from any: emotional attachment or vested interest, to R.H.S.

However, I kept going back to the same square one.

At some point, I realized that although these people had done their best to: give helpful advice, be supportive, or remain non-judgmental, however the fact remained that, they were not Adele.

They did not know me like I did. They did not understand my passion; they did not know who I was, nor what I came here to do. Some of them had never met me, nor were they interested in getting to know me, before giving their advice. Most of them had formed their opinions based only on the facts they could see.

So in essence, I was looking for career advice from people who did not know, nor deeply understand the subject of: 'what made Adele tick'. It was really 'the blind leading the blind' kind of situation.

After coming to that realization, I decided to stop searching for an answer and simply allowed the answer to show itself to me. And oh boy, the truth had always been staring right at me, but because (in 2021) I thought I'd lost most of my love, passion or devotion for this work - I'd blinded myself to the truth. There was a part of me that had subconsciously refused to acknowledge 'the elephant in the room'.

Paul, you must have known/seen my struggle to search for the answer back then. Did you have a bit of a laugh with my Higher Self & Spirit team about how lost/confused I was?:)


We actually knew that you'd always known what the answer was, and so were simply patiently waiting for you to come into alignment with your Higher Path again.

And now, are you done feeling scared of your path; or more accurately, scared of what We (Spirit) might ask you to do in the future?

Are you done 'running away'?

Are you done caring so much about what people might think, feel or say about you/your work?

In other words, are you finally done living your life with the goal of:

pleasing the people around you, or, pleasing the world?


If you think that I'd done everything thus far, because my goal was to please the people/world around me, then you are mistaken Paul. Although I knew that you were just asking those questions, perhaps more for the benefit of everyone here - because you knew me better than that.

Why do you think I had wanted to run away from this path?

It was partly because all of you (Spirit) kept pushing me outside of my comfort zones.

Although that might have sounded like I was blaming Spirit, I simply meant it in a matter-of-fact way.

I know that everything that I'd done in this role (as a healer/channeler) had always been a collaboration with Spirit. And if at any time I had wanted to quit/walk away from completing any task that you had assigned - especially if it was one that I didn't like - I could refuse to do it, at anytime.

And now, after everything that had occurred between 2018 - 2021, I've decided that I am done with running away whenever things get challenging on this path.

I am committed to living as the most Authentic Self, which means that I am done running away from my Higher Self. Done running away from all of the potentially-difficult things that She'd ask/guide me to do one day (e.g. the most recent one was: writing/posting the prologue).

Deep down I'd realized that posting the prologue was perhaps similar to me stirring up 'a hornet's nest'.

As an empath, I‘d have to be ready for the energetic and/or physical repercussions that might show up in my physical reality - arising from the vibrational power of my written words.

I'd known that the prologue could potentially trigger discordant feelings within individuals who had read it, e.g. some people might have thought that I was criticizing them/their life choices/their professions.

And so, prior to posting it, I'd had to feel absolutely sure that the potential benefits that I'd been dreaming about for so long (i.e. a New Earth where: love, honesty, transparency, freedom, unity, compassion, trust & integrity, are a normal part of life) would make everything (that I'd had to do/create/experience in this Ascension journey) worth it.

Spirit has not shown me the energetic after-effects of this particular channeled message just yet, but I have a feeling that it'll be wonderful. I had trusted that the benefits would far outweigh the 'negative' after-effects that I might personally experience - at the beginning.

Some of the biggest spiritual lessons that Spirit had wanted me to master, in my years of service as an empath, channeler, or healer, are:

- to not be swayed by consensus,

- to not be influenced by mainstream opinions coming from 3D individuals in my life/world around me,

- to not be influenced by the opinions, teachings, channelings, or ideologies, coming from famous spiritual leaders that I had loved/trusted/admired (if/when their guidance happened to be in conflict with guidance coming from my own Divine Presence).

- to stand my ground, even if others couldn't see the value of, nor understand, what I was trying to do.

- to be okay even if people didn't agree with the things that I had said/done/written.

- to never surrender nor compromise my dreams/goals/visions/values because of fear.

- to trust the directions, guidance, or instructions coming from my Sacred Heart; my Higher Self implicitly.

Those people have their own paths to walk and they were never privy to the wisdom, intuition and guidance that constantly flows to me from my Higher Self.

The time has come for my complete surrender to the Divine I AM Presence.

The Angelic and Ascended Host have been walking by my side every step of the way, and they will continue to do so in the future, and so there's nothing to fear.

Moreover, after the recent 'emotional maelstrom', I have now come to a much deeper realization, about the true meaning of this statement: LOVE is who & what we are.

And whenever we had (subconsciously/deliberately) closed off our hearts in reaction to: deep pain, fears, doubts or distrust, we were in fact denying, or, rejecting ourselves.

We were cutting off our own connection to the Love/Light; the God/Source within ourselves, and denying ourselves a wonderful/brighter future. The perfect idiom to use here will be: cutting off our nose to spite our face. It will not lead to a happy ending for ourselves.

And so, Paul, in regards to caring: about what people might think of me/my work; about pleasing others - let's just say that part of my life is over. That was the old version of Adele.

That Adele has now 'died', after living a life where she had exhausted herself most of the time - by constantly trying to get the people/world around her to: approve, like, love, accept, or, understand/see her for who she really was.

In that unhealthy cycle, she had inadvertently put herself into a lengthy 'sacrificing/suffering' phase, where she believed that in order to please: God/Higher Self/the people/world around her, she'd have to sacrifice many things in her life, for the higher good of ALL.

After all, this is what some people/the world had oftentimes conditioned/wanted us to believe - that it was selfish to want more; selfish to put our own needs first, before someone else's; selfish to love ourselves as much as we had loved others; selfish to charge people money for doing spiritual/healing work; selfish to want balanced relationships with equal give and take.

This faulty programming within the old version of Adele, had created a huge imbalance. One that had adversely affected many things in her life (e.g. health/relationships).

An imbalance that could have been easily avoided, if she had (first and foremost) loved/understood herself more; if she had thought that she was enough; if she had believed that there was never a need to prove herself to anyone; if she had known that she deserved to be loved and accepted (just as she was, or, a lot more than what she'd conditioned herself to receive).

The Divine I AM Presence; the Higher Self, has now become the only authority in my life - the One whose words I trust without a doubt; whose opinions matter deeply to me.

I AM taking back my Divine power & self-sovereignty!


This is really excellent progress! We are so happy for you.

After so many years, you are finally ready to: deeply love yourself (as much as you had deeply loved the people/world around you), stand your ground, and, become a lot stronger than you had ever been before.

And so, even though the answer is quite obvious, did 'running away' solve anything?

For example, did it give you comfort or, any other benefits worth mentioning?


It did not solve anything.

No matter how far/fast I ran; no matter how busy I was; no matter how much I'd tried to distract myself from my true calling, there were many times in the past, when I'd had to come Home - to my Self.

Lying to myself about which path to choose, or, more accurately, running away from whatever it is that my Higher Self has been planning for me to do in the future, was so... exhausting.

It'd definitely taken its toll on my physical, emotional, mental bodies.

I would not recommend anyone here to do it, nor wished it on anyone! LOL:).

However, now that you'd asked me about the benefits, I realize that the time away had indeed given me plenty of opportunities to think.

I needed to take stock of my life; to evaluate/reflect on everything that had occurred, in order to decide on: where to go/what to do next, and, who I want to be.



We really wanted you to stop berating yourself for 'running away'.

From Our higher perspective (one that is always based on Love & Compassion), back then you were simply:

- doing your best to cope/deal with everything that had occurred in your life & in the world,

- integrating all of the invaluable life lessons received, and,

- alchemizing the hurt/pain, into Great Wisdom & Love for yourself & for ALL.

Remember that all of you here, were born with a very special mission.

You are the Chosen Ones.

You had been chosen, out of a great number of volunteers, because of your:

inner strength, courage, perseverance, and, the purity of your Light/Love.

Chosen for what - you might ask.

Chosen to be the face, or, the voice of: Love, Peace, Compassion, Freedom, Abundance & Well-being.

Chosen to be a unifying influence that this planet badly needs right now, and in the near future.

Many of you here, are energy balancers by nature.

Your presence; your Light on Earth right now, naturally counterbalances all of the discordant energies within the Collective.

Every day (with/without your conscious awareness) all of you here are a powerful, stabilizing influence for the entire planet Earth, so that everything that needs to happen, can happen synchronistically.

So that each step; each phase of this Ascension journey for yourself; for the entire collective, and for Gaia, can unfold perfectly - according to the Divine Plan.

You are all working together, to bring about a harmonious, peaceful & free planet Earth, where ALL will one day stand united in LOVE.

We are helping you to achieve this grand objective, never by using fear, power/control, deceitful, manipulative, intimidating, or violent tactics. These tactics had never worked.

Furthermore, it's time for some people here to deeply understand that, We would never ask Our lightworkers, to: suffer, or, make great sacrifices (e.g. too much of your time, your health, your happiness, or overall well-being) at the 'altar of service'.

This has never been Our way.

The following belief:

'When you are in the service of God, Spirit, Humanity, Mother Earth, you must (be ready to) abandon, sacrifice, or leave behind many aspects of yourself, e.g. all earthly desires (wealth, fame or success), your time with family/friends, your hobbies, your health, etc. - because after all, one cannot have everything.'

is in fact a 3D programming that originated from a lack/scarcity/fear/separation consciousness.

The root problem of this 3D programming came from:

the false belief that God's love for you is conditional (i.e. as conditional as the love, acceptance, respect, or understanding, that you might have received from/given to, the people or world around you).

Throughout the fabric of time, many people on Earth had developed numerous false beliefs about God:

'God needed to be worshipped and glorified.'

'God needed to be appeased so that only good things would happen in your lives.'

'God wanted you to live a cloistered life, or, to take vows of poverty (vows that deprived you of well-being; of a wonderful, happy & balanced life that you could have had on Earth) in order to love/serve God’s other children (i.e. people who were 'obviously' a lot more special than you - in God's heart- because otherwise God wouldn't have asked you to 'sacrifice' yourself/your life, to serve those people) who were perhaps 'lost', ‘sinful’, or suffering.'

Even the notion; the belief that people were lost, sinful, or suffering was also heavily based on 3D illusions.

Those people were NEVER lost, NEVER sinful (in God's eyes/from Source's perspective), and, NEVER suffering. They might look, act, or behave like they were - whenever they had lost their alignment with Higher Self - but that does not mean that they were TRULY lost/sinful/suffering.

These people's Higher Self has always known where they are/what and how they're doing - and so if that's the case, how can they be 'LOST'?

Their Higher Self had been patiently waiting for them to turn over a new leaf, and would never stop inspiring them to change - by sending people/events that would teach them the consequences of their actions. Judgmental individuals might call these people 'SINFUL', but the Higher Self always looked at everything from the perspectives of Love & Compassion. These people were simply young, or, immature, or perhaps (physically/emotionally/mentally) traumatized by the past.

Whenever you saw people suffering/having a hard time, do you think their: True Self/Inner Being/Higher Self, was genuinely suffering in that moment? Believe it or not that will be up to you, the Higher Self was enjoying their 'role' in the drama that was their life!

Not the kind of enjoyment in a non-sensitive/non-caring/non-compassionate manner such as: "We can see that you're not having fun. However we're totally enjoying watching all of you struggle, or, be in so much pain. Where's the popcorn?".

The enjoyment that We were referring to, pertains to the spiritual growth, expansion, and transformational powers those struggles/the pain would give you.

Most humans were so used to growth/change via pain and/or suffering. And so, that was oftentimes the circumstances that many of you here had created in your own lives.

Are you all finally ready to grow/expand/evolve with love; with compassion; with joy, peace, harmony, unity instead, loved ones?

Are you ready to evolve into the higher levels of 5th Dimension, using easier methods; using karma-free methods; using joyful, fun & loving methods?

Or, are you so addicted to pain, suffering, or other 3D dramas, so much so, that the higher dimensional ways of spiritual evolution sounded: boring, dull or uninteresting to you?

Our purpose here today was not to criticize you, nor criticize religions.

Everything that you had said, done, or experienced in life, and, everything that all the religions on Earth had done, served an important purpose for the spiritual evolution of mankind, and all is well.

However, within this higher dimensional teaching series, Our purpose is to 'debunk' and shatter all 3D beliefs that are no longer serving humanity moving forward.

The people who had taught or spread these 3D beliefs about God, had forgotten who they truly were.

They had also forgotten just how powerful they were.

They had forgotten that they could become, or, have anything in life.

In their often-sincere desire to: create a better world, or, be of loving service to humanity, many had chosen to adopt the lack, suffering, or separation consciousness.

They failed to realize that they would've had more to offer the world; more to assist humanity or other living beings on Earth, if only they had served from an overflowing cup!

A cup that somehow/someway always seemed to 'magically' replenish itself, whenever it was near empty.

Think about this deeply, dear friends.

Let's say for example, you have a desire to help the poor and the sick, currently living in the slums of your city. You'd been feeling 'the call' to do this for awhile, but not sure of the best way to do it.

Do you think that by joining a religious order (e.g. one that would require you to take vows of poverty & celibacy) and by having a tough, rigid, and highly restrictive life, can lead to you, assisting the poor/the sick/the lost/the downtrodden, better?

Compare the above path with the following:

You had decided to focus on what you're good at, and were determined to be really successful at it. You then worked hard to build this business empire, until it became so profitable & could run by itself (without your constant supervision). And then you decided to volunteer a lot of your time for several different charities/causes that you loved/supported. You were intuitively guided to share a lot of the wealth and prosperity that you'd earned, with the people/world around you, in a sustainable (non-sacrificing) way that would give long-term benefits for both your business and the charity organizations that you supported.

Which path of service, out of the above two polar-opposite examples, is the Higher Dimensional Way?

Which path do you think, more reflected the Unconditional Love that God, your Higher Self, The Universe, or Spirit, always have for you all?

You cannot have an unhappy journey (e.g. on present-day Earth), and then expect to be happier 'later', once you have safely arrived at a much better place (e.g. 'future' New Earth)!

(Please note that the above statement was based on the assumption that one was feeling: unhappy, restricted, or limited, after making such life choices. There are many people who had chosen to live that way - a life that was seemingly: tough, rigid, or highly restrictive - who had felt content, happy, at peace, and really connected to the God/Source within. These individuals had greatly contributed to the Peace, Love or Harmony, on planet Earth. And so, to these individuals, theirs were/are not an unhappy journey).

This is really backwards and it completely defies all logic!

An unhappy journey will only lead you to destinations/situations that will make you feel even more unhappy.

In other words, you cannot deprive yourself of Well-Being, and then work hard to provide that Well-Being for others, without creating an imbalance, or, without potentially harming yourself in the process!

Everything (e.g. every tradition, rituals, habits, deeds, procedures) that were/had been/are still based on: lack, restrictions, limitations, fear, separation or segregation, must eventually go (from within the individual, group, or collective consciousness of humanity) - for these outdated 3D energies would not last, or, cannot be sustained in the new, fifth-dimensional energies.

Whenever We (Spirit) were actively working with any lightworker, it had always been a collaboration, based on mutual love, respect, understanding, compassion, honesty and integrity.

We would never force anyone (Adele for example) to do anything that she didn't want/wasn't ready to do.

And so, just like We would always deal with obstacles, challenges, or resistance in a loving, patient, compassionate and positive manner, all of you here should also do the same (if your goal is to be a 5D human being and be a part of New Earth).

In other words, the ways of dealing with any challenges that appear in your life, must be in alignment, with the kind of New Earth that you've dreamt of living in.

For example, if you never want to see (physical, mental, verbal, or emotional) violence or cruelty be used towards any person/other living beings on New Earth, then from now on, make a resolute intention to never be violent, mean, cruel, or aggressive in your thoughts/words/deeds/habits - towards yourself/other living beings, especially whenever you are facing: problems or discordant situations in life.

The time has come for all of you here, to do everything, the 'softer' ways; the more compassionate and much loving ways for yourself & ALL around you.

Unity cannot be achieved by forcing, or, pushing yourselves, against everything that you had ever: disliked, hated, or disagreed with.

As members of our Ground Crew, all of you here must be able to: remain loving, especially during the times whenever you happened to be feeling tested, or, disconnected from the God-Self within.

No matter how much 'darkness' there had been/might be in the future (i.e. coming from within yourself and/or, the people/world around you), as the Chosen Ones, most of you here already cannot be tempted, nor corrupted.

You cannot be forced to turn away from the Pure Source Light/Love that is within yourself.

Nor can you easily abandon your Highest Path.

The Divine Plans that you had made for yourselves pre-birth, are deeply ingrained within you; within your cells, within your God-DNA. And once these Codes got activated, there is no turning back.

The Pure Source Light within, had been burning so brightly (maybe even too brightly sometimes, for the people around you) for you to ignore THE CALL.

The Call to: RISE INTO LOVE.

Every time you had tried to deviate from your Highest Path, the North Star inside of you would keep calling you back HOME, until you just couldn't ignore it anymore!

HOME to where the Light & Love of your Soul had never stopped to illuminate the Path of 'what you should do, or, where you should go' next, on this sacred journey.

*We had used the word 'should', only for those who are determined to stay in alignment with their Higher Path.

If there are people here who are not ready, nor willing to remain in alignment with their Higher Path, then as always, they can do whatever they wish. We will always honor each individual's free will, to choose for themselves what they wish to do in life.*

The 'tower-moments' that many of you here had lived through, were crucial purification periods, to help you to return to: Who You Really Are.

And in those moments when 'all hell seemed to have broken loose'; when no matter what you did; no matter how hard you tried, nothing seemed to be going in your favor - it's time for you to deeply realise that those moments were not there because We (God/Source/your Higher Self/members of your Spirit team) did not love, nor appreciate, the hard work and commitment that you had shown Us through the years.

Do you know/can you feel, just how much - all of you here - are loved?

Have you truly realized by now, the depths of Our love?


Of course I know Paul - I really do.

And I'm quite certain that many people here know it as well.

Even during the darkest of nights, I had always sensed your Collective Presence.

Sensing the never-ending love that you have for me. I knew that I was never alone.

Of course there were times when I'd tried so badly to shut all of your 'voices' out, by ignoring you.

But by now I have come to a realization, that no matter how hard I tried, all of you 'up there' (especially Sananda) were simply not the type to put up with my past attempts to withdraw: mentally, emotionally, or spiritually, from you.

You had stood by me, through it all. And for that, I am forever grateful!

And now that all is well, I can see clearly why everything had occurred the way they did.


We love you Adele. You are very precious to us.

All of you here, are so loved... beyond anything that you could even imagine right now.

We do not run away from, ignore, 'abandon', or disappear from the lives of people that We love - especially not when they are lost, sad, or suffering.

Whenever We saw that you needed a bit of time/space away from Us, Adele, We had always given that to you. Just the perfect amount of time/space that you‘d thought you needed, to regain your equilibrium; your inner peace. However We would always make sure that you knew that We were always there for you.

Standing by your side - no matter what.


Thank you:).


Here comes the most important point that you all need to remember when times are hard.

All of you here - we'd held your hands whenever life became really challenging for you.

We had always been there - standing by your side (whether you'd realized it or not), oftentimes not saying a word. We were always ready to lend a hand whenever needed. We helped you in every possible way, until the day arrived when you finally felt ready to move on & see everything that had occurred, from a much higher perspective.

All right, I think we are ready now, to move on to the issues at hand: lack of trust/faith.

Back then Adele, what do you think was your biggest resistance to trust?

This is a question that I am asking all of you here as well - unless of course, if the score that you got (from your participation in the quiz) had made you realize that you'd attained a very high/perfect level of trust in: yourself/the people/world around you/God/Higher Self/the Universe.


I realize that most of my resistance came from thinking/feeling that nothing was ever going to change.

From 2019 to around November 2021, my trust/faith level had fluctuated a lot - several times it was sitting at 0%.

Whilst prior to 2019, my trust level had been quite high, maybe sitting at around the 90% mark.


In other words, you'd had quite a high level of trust before things started to 'turn south' in your life, and, before the pandemic.

However you must have realized by now, that the 10% gap between where you were (90%), and where you should have been (100%), actually represented the often-stubborn, 'shadow-aspects' of your consciousness that needed a deep healing; a complete transformation, or, a major 'reset'.

This gap, was the exact location where the Mighty & Divine Light of your Higher Self, was needed the most.

Can't you see it Adele?

The pandemic had given you (and a lot of people here as well) the perfect excuse for a break (from your 'normal' pre-pandemic activities), to:

- 'clean up' your vibrations,

- deeply love & integrate with, your shadow-aspects-of-self, and by so doing,

- raise you up into a much higher vibration of Love/Light overall, in your consciousness!

This is the equivalent of you, pressing the big 'RESET' button (figuratively-speaking).

Or, pressing the ''Control+Alt+Delete'' buttons on your computer, whenever it froze; or whenever a software/an application stopped working. As a computer user, whenever you use this shortcut, you are attempting to regain control, by rebooting your computer system.

Doesn't the above perfectly describe what a lot of people had been doing, especially in the last 2 or so years (individually and collectively)?

Many aspects of/connections in, your life that (at the time) had not been for your highest good; many people who had decided that they didn't want to ascend in this lifetime; or, many things on Earth that were not aligned with the Divine Plan, had either been: 'removed' out of your lives, transformed or transitioned, into their higher versions.

Everything had been happening at the perfect speed that you'd wanted/needed/planned, for yourself.

Think back to the exact moment, when/where it all began, Adele.

Was there ever a time when you'd declared to Us, that you wanted your Ascension process/spiritual growth, to be greatly accelerated?


Oh yes, I remember that moment very clearly.

I have a deep, loving connection with the Goddess Kali, and a few years back I remember asking Her (and my Higher Self) for assistance, to accelerate my Ascension journey. At the time, I was so longing to experience the complete Freedom of Self.

Back then I didn't really understand what I was actually asking for. Otherwise, I would have been more careful about what I asked! Because not long after the asking, a lot of things started to change in my life. Suddenly there were plenty of 'tower-moments' happening all at once. Creating major transformations that I'd initially thought, I was ready for.


By setting an intention to accelerate your spiritual growth, what you were in fact doing was:

- asking your Higher Self to take over; to eliminate everything in your life that wasn't working out for you.

- pressing the 'Reset' button, so that you can then return to 'factory-settings' and start again!

And of course, by 'factory settings' We meant: your natural, higher state-of-being.

A state-of-being where you can easily remain in alignment with your Higher Self, most (if not all) of the time.

In truth loved ones, you have always been your Inner Being; your Higher Self/God-Self; your Divine I AM Presence (whichever name/label that you prefer to use).