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Liberate Your Soul's Voice & Awaken Your Innate Healing Ability, with Light Language (9 June 2021).

In today's blog, I will be providing a short introduction on Light Language (e.g. what it is, how it works), as well as sharing my experiences of using Light Language with you all.

Most of you here (long-time followers of my work) already knew that I was raised as a Catholic. By the time I was in my mid-teens, I had become very devoted to my faith. My deep love for Yeshua ben Yosef continued to grow, until one day it had reached the phase where I finally decided to become a Catholic nun. Back then I wanted to serve God, Yeshua, and humanity, in this traditional, very religious way.

During that time period, I went to participate in a 3-day Catholic Youth Charismatic Renewal Retreat, located somewhere in the beautiful Victorian countryside. That was when my deep love for the Language of Light was awakened.

During the retreat, beautiful music was often played during mass, and then worship leaders would start singing in tongues (Language of Light is more commonly known in the Christian community as singing in tongues/singing in the Holy Spirit's Language). This then prompted the people attending to follow suit, and almost everyone present was able to easily join in 'the fun', without prior training or learning!

Back then, I was completely new to Light Language. I had zero clue as to exactly what language those people were singing in, and so rather than becoming judgmental, fearful or skeptical, I chose to simply relax, open up my heart and immerse myself in this brand new experience. It was one of the best decisions I had ever made in my life!

The whole experience felt so magical; the songs sounded so beautiful and oftentimes, they brought tears of joy, love and peace, to my eyes. Everyone in the group (there was at least 50 people present in the room) was often toning, singing, chanting, or speaking different 'words' (unintelligible to the human mind), and almost everyone present was doing it simultaneously - all at the same time!

This completely-unrehearsed 'performance' (by a large 'choir' consisting of more than 50 people) somehow managed to produce an amazing & totally divine melody that was beautifully arranged into perfect harmony --> into a magnificent symphony of Divine Light, Joy, Peace, Love and Healing.

A song that was masterfully made by the Great I AM Presence of everyone who was present in the room.

And then, long before this retreat came to an end, my own Light Language ability was very naturally activated. It happened during one of the group singing events. Everyone else was singing, and I naturally opened my mouth to join in the symphony of Light.

Funnily enough I didn't ask for this ability; during the retreat I didn't exactly pray/ask for a Light Language activation. The deep love that I had felt for it, had naturally sparked: a powerful remembrance or, an activation of a 'seed memory' within me, about how to speak, sing, write or draw in Light Language.

As soon as I got home, something even more amazing happened to me. For a few days following that weekend retreat, my hands often moved by themselves (in a very similar manner to automatic writing) to: scribble, doodle, draw, or write in Light Language. Back then my ability to decipher, decode or translate Light Language had not been awakened, and so once again I entered a deeply-unfamiliar territory, where I truly had zero understanding of what was happening, why it was happening, or what I was drawing/writing. No one in my family was able to help me/to stop the entire 'dramatic episodes' from happening.

After many sheets of paper later, this overwhelming impulse (that was often followed by heat, shivers, shakes and the occasional headaches) suddenly just stopped. I remember feeling quite exhausted and yet, strangely happy or exhilarated at the same time.

There was a strong feeling that 'everything' was finally as it should be - within myself.

Only after 20 years had passed by, I finally came to understand that the entire 'wild' episode was in fact a powerful energetic attunement process. I realized that back then, my entire energy body was being prepared/attuned to the Higher Vibrations, so that it could become a vessel, or a channel for Spirit.

And that was how my spiritual awakening and training - to become a channel for the Divine - first began.

Light Language is the innate, natural language of the Heart and of the Soul.

In its core, Language of Light is very complex, as well as deeply and richly layered.

It is the Language of Divine Love, expressed through a variety of different ways: spoken, sung, danced, signed, drawn, hummed, written, etc.

Whenever someone is channeling a transmission, she/he is in fact speaking, or writing, in Light Language. For example, every single one of the channeled messages posted on this website is in fact, a type of Light Language transmission. Those channeled messages are the ''less-than-pure'' form of Light Language.

And why were they 'less-than-pure'? It is because the human language was used to transmit/transfer the high-vibrational, Light-Coded information embedded within its content. Channeled messages written in the human language can be easily: distorted, misinterpreted, mistranslated, misread, misunderstood, or misconstrued, by the receivers of these messages (this will depend on their spiritual awakening level or, their Light Quotient Level - at the time of receiving/reading these messages).

For example, whenever the word ''LOVE'' was used in a channeled message, the Higher Beings who transmitted the messages, would always use this word to express Divine, Pure Unconditional Love.