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Money, Spirituality & the Law of Divine Love (Part 1) ~ A message from my Higher Self (11-11-2019).


Beloved I AM, the time has now come for us to have this important conversation. I have sensed a shift in the Collective energy recently and believe that Divine Timing has finally arrived. Many of us are finally ready for this message.

In my years being of service to the divine, I had met and assisted so many light-workers, whose hearts and intentions are pure. Their biggest wish is to be of loving service to the world, doing only what they love to do, but they often find it challenging to make ends meet or pay the bills.

Oftentimes, what they are feeling guided to do is not what they are currently doing (for a living), and thus they feel anxious/apprehensive/fearful about making the transition.

After all, we are living in a planet where money is still a hot commodity that can impact the quality of our lives, and we cannot afford to ‘burn our bridges’ and make the transition (to follow our hearts) without detailed/backup plans in place.

Let me first begin by asking the following 3 important questions about money:

1) Is it ‘unspiritual’ or ‘wrong’ to want money, to love money, or, to have lots of money?

2) As an Ascension candidate, or, as a devoted chela to the Ascended Masters, what should be our standpoint/viewpoint about money? Should we just have enough to get by, or, be moderately wealthy, or, is it ‘okay‘ to prosper even more and actually have millions of dollars in our bank accounts?

For example, can a person - who is now driving around in several expensive cars (each one perhaps costs as much as a standard house) and living in a big seaside mansion - be considered spiritual or, a true light-worker?

There are so many taboos, 3D programming and outdated belief systems within the human collective’s consciousness about: Money, Spirituality and Loving Service that need to be cleared out, transmuted into higher light right now.

Lack/scarcity consciousness has dominated this planet long enough, and it is high time for this to change.

3) I had met many light-workers who subconsciously believe that to provide a loving, selfless service devoted to God/to the Light, is by living without having/earning much income. These people are very much focused on providing either free or, highly affordable services for those in need. And then, at the opposite end of the scale, I have also observed that there is a second group of light-workers out there right now who have no qualms about charging quite a lot of money for their services.

I hope you will all realise, with all the questions asked here in this message, I was not being judgmental/critical towards those in the above two groups, nor was I trying to determine which group is in the right/wrong - as that is completely unnecessary and will only further perpetuate the old, 3D Separation consciousness.

My goal today is to help myself and all of you here to learn, understand and gain crystal-clear clarity as to which way is the higher dimensional way to follow, so that if necessary and, only if/when the time is right, we may wish to adjust our perspectives and patterns of behaviour, to better reflect our all-loving & all-abundant Higher Self.

After all, that is the primary goal of my writing & sharing these higher dimensional messages with you all - so that we can successfully achieve our Ascension and be the living embodiment of our I AM.

Beloved Higher Self, as light-workers, how do we determine the most reasonable and fair prices to charge the people who come to us for assistance? For example, is it actually okay to charge hundreds of dollars for a short (2 hrs or less) session? I had seen people charging over USD 300 for a short session.

Do we perhaps need to reduce the prices that we charge people to make it more affordable to those who need our services? And then for the people here who are currently not earning enough, do they need to increase the prices of their services, by successfully instilling the belief that they are deserving of so much more?

What about when facilitating online/on-site: meetings, classes, workshops, seminars, webinars etc. - how do we figure out the fair price for each course/event that we may create one day, when following our heart’s guidance?

Of course, as someone who had majored in Business and Commerce, I know and understand the basic principles of economics: demand, supply, cost, and price.

What I wish to know is: besides following these basic economic principles, is there anything else that we, as light-workers/Ascension aspirants/chelas, need to know when determining our prices (from your higher perspectives)?

To qualify as/to be called a light-worker, is it ‘better’ to start operating our services for free, or, by using a donations-based system instead? This is perhaps done with the full understanding that eventually, money will be abolished and become completely irrelevant as all our future needs/supplies on 5D Earth will be provided for free.

Furthermore, I have sensed the presence of a deep, subconscious belief embedded within humanity’s consciousness, that anything that the majority has classified as ‘spiritual’ work must, or, should be made available for: cheap, free, or at very affordable prices for the world. Is this a higher-dimensional belief, or, a lower one that we must strive to permanently eliminate once and for all?

Is it important for us to nail our pricing strategy - in order to be successful and have a flourishing business/service? After all, when we followed our hearts’ guidance, by resigning from our ‘normal’, stable and cushy jobs, we didn’t do it just to get by. If we were to decide on an unsuitable pricing strategy, we may end up having an expensive, or, a very exhausting hobby rather than operating a long-term, enjoyable and profitable loving service that creates a win/win situation for ourselves and the world.

Higher Self:

Beloved Adele, this is indeed going to be an important discourse that will empower and raise the vibrations and consciousness of many light-workers as well as the entire planet. It truly does not matter how many people will: come across/be reading this particular channeled message - the Light Codes, or Higher Light Energies embedded within this particular transmission (now that it has become physically manifested through you) will continuously create a powerful Abundance-For-ALL momentum that will permanently banish poverty consciousness from Earth in the near future.

We recommend that all of you here read this message as often as possible, to benefit from the energies, and, to fully integrate with the higher dimensional teachings contained here. And if there is anything within this message that you disagree with/do not quite understand, simply commune with your I AM and ask for further clarification.

Afterwards, you then need to apply all the information here daily in your own life so that prosperity and abundance become your way-of-being, always.

Practical application is the key to change.

Your life will begin to take off to greater heights, once you are:

1) determined to change and permanently eliminate all of your limiting habits/programming/belief systems about money,

2) completely focused on creating wealth/prosperity the easy, higher dimensional way

3) ready to take action.

Let us now begin by addressing your first question.

To answer this question, we need to first explain what being spiritual really means.

From our higher dimensional perspective, someone is spiritual when he is living his life every day with a deeper meaning and purpose; walking through life/living a joyful life feeling completely aligned and connected with his ‘true, inner self’. She knows that life is an honour, gift or blessing, and thus she sanctifies her life by: taking full responsibility for it, and, by not spending/wasting too much time on unimportant inner and outer activities (e.g. activities that inhibits her growth and expansion as an ascending soul).

One does NOT have to: be a channeler, or, be working within the meditation, yoga, new age, ascension-related, or religious fields of work (e.g. as a priest, or monk), to qualify as a deeply-spiritual person.

As long as your work involves being of service to another (and thus, all existing jobs ever created on this planet meet this criterion), then your work is definitely spiritual, holy, and, sacred - provided that your heart is the one actively leading the way (whenever you are at work).

In other words loved ones, you can be living a simple, ‘normal’ life, working as a cleaner, a waiter, a bus driver, a construction worker, a cashier, a sales person, a call centre consultant, etc. and still be considered as someone who works in the ‘spiritual’ field. Since any of the jobs mentioned above ultimately results in helping to improve the quality of life of the individuals that you come across every day.

For example, if you are at the moment working as a cleaner, you might have secretly been holding the belief that cleaning is a low-paying, exhausting and non-respectable job. You might even have tried to hide the fact that you are a cleaner, from the people you just met/from those you wished to impress.

It is time for all of you, loved ones, to switch your perspective to higher levels, about any job that you are currently doing right now.

In the above scenario, as someone who is playing the role of a cleaner, what you are in fact doing everyday is: performing a sacred, loving, and very important service, by helping a lot of people to live/work in a healthy and very clean environment.

There are a lot of people out there who are walking around with 3D consciousness and thus, they may not think that being a cleaner is a job deserving of the highest of respect, gratitude or love (unlike many other prestigious, high-class jobs such as being: a doctor, lawyer, teacher, CEO, etc.), however, all of you here, Ascension aspirants who have been following our messages for awhile, should know by now that if you are still holding on to these types of beliefs, it is high time to let them go.

If you are perhaps someone who is currently ’playing’ the role of a cleaner (or any other supposedly undesirable role e.g. garbage truck driver, pizza deliveryman etc.), why do you care about what other people think? Is now perhaps the time to stop letting the people/world around you to dictate how you feel about yourself, your role, your job? Provided that you are actually happy with what you are currently doing - if it is a job that is immensely rewarding and gives you a lot of fulfilment.

If it is not a job that gives you the feelings of joy and fulfilment, is there something that you can do right now to improve how you feel until such time you find/receive an offer for a better, more suitable job? Loved ones, please remember that you open up the door to a better situation/greater abundance, not by feeling miserable, hopeless, angry, depressed, or stuck about where you are right now.

You open up the door to a brighter, happier and more abundant future, by tuning in to those higher vibrations, being ready for more, whilst at the same time already feeling happy, abundant and grateful for what you have right here, right now.

And for those of you here who are engaged in all ‘other roles’, the next time you meet people who are currently ’playing’ a cleaner (or any other not-so-desirable) role, please take the time to always greet them with a friendly smile; spend a little time to chat with them whenever you can, and then, in your heart, please send them a lot of love, blessings of abundance and gratitude - in full awareness that you are One with them, and, that you are able to enjoy the experience of having spotless-clean facilities/work/home because of their hard work and dedication to their jobs.

Remember, loved ones, that everyone is equal in front of God. No one is better or worse in the eyes of God due to earthly, lower-dimensional standards such as: how much money you had, how well-educated you were, what job you used to do, how successful/respected you were in the eyes of your fellowmen, how many titles you had, etc. These are all human standards, based on 3D illusions.

When you, one day, sit in that meeting room with the Karmic Board at the end of your physical embodiment, the following are some of the things that the Lords of Karma will look at, when reviewing your life:

* How much love, light, compassion, patience, forgiveness and joy did you give yourself, the people and the world around you?

* How constructively did you qualify/utilise the life energies given to you every day? Did you use your life, to accelerate your spiritual growth and expansion, or, did you mostly squander your life by focusing on worldly pleasures, personal riches - totally forgetting your oneness with All-That-Is?

* How close were you to be the living embodiment of your I AM Presence - expressing all the divine virtues of God in all of their beauty and perfection?

* How much suffering or, misqualified energies did you create in your own life and other people’s, and thus, how much karma do you need to balance in your next physical embodiment?

* Have you achieved all that you had set out to do, i.e. your life missions/goals for that embodiment?

If you are one of those people who deeply realize the importance of imbuing the energies of LOVE in every minor/major activity that you do daily for yourself and others; if you have always brought a powerful mindset focused only on loving service every morning before your work begins, you loved ones, are the ones who truly deserve to be called spiritual. To these individuals, their life paths will mostly be filled with joy, love, success and abundance.

In other words, if you are the type to ‘give it your all’ when helping others; if you are truly heart-based in everything that you do (big and small), in whatever task/job that you are doing in each moment - you have fully met all of our higher dimensional criteria of being a spiritual person.

Loved ones, you are a spiritual person if LOVE is often your primary reason for thinking/saying/doing anything in life. You are a spiritual person if you always treat others the way that you wish to be treated - in complete Oneness & Unity. You are a spiritual person if compassion, patience and forgiveness have become your way of being - knowing that the people that you encounter daily are on various levels of spiritual evolution, and thus, there is never any need to get angry, upset or unhappy at what someone said or did to you.

If, on the other hand, every day you arrive at work with the following mindset -> that you are only there to ‘earn a living’, pay the bills, or support your family, you will often find that just the act of showing up to work is: hard work. Many people in the workforce around the world often ‘suffer’ from the Mondayitis syndrome, because they haven’t learnt how to use the energies of Divine Love wisely - to support them in their career and personal lives. In this scenario, you have divine love for yourself (by working hard to support yourself and family) but, the divine love for the people you are helping everyday and for the work that you do are not equal to your love of self - creating an imbalance that should be addressed if, your goal is for your career to take off to greater heights.

In the above scenario, a person who feels ‘obligated’ to be at work; who feels like he ‘must‘ or, ‘needs to’ do something, is a person who is still walking around with the same 3D mentality as many other sleeping, unawakened souls across this planet.

Remember loved ones, when higher dimensional beings have agreed to do any inner/outer activity, those activities are always done out of joy and love - never out of obligation or, need.

This also means, that one can be a light-worker/highly spiritual, even if this person does not know what being a light-worker means, or, what being a spiritual person actually means. We are sure that all of you here, at one point or another in life, had met people before who belonged to this category - those who did not know of their light-worker identity. You had perhaps met these earth-angels in the shops, serving at cafes, or at many other places, and they could always be identified by their loving kindness, compassion, patience and generosity, as they often took a lot of their time to: focus on you, help to solve your dilemmas and/or, address your immediate needs/questions.

And instead of treating these people as if their loving service to you was rightfully deserved, or, completely yours for the taking (especially if/when money had been used in exchange for the services you received), you might want to take the higher road of gratitude wherever you go. Those people could have chosen to do other things, be at other places, or, not give you much of their: love/attention/time/patience/kindness by doing just what they were paid to do - no more, no less (without caring much, nor feeling the need to go the extra miles for you). Instead, they had consistently chosen to give it their all, when helping you out.

We had said all that needed to be said, to lay the groundwork for the rest of this message, and, to help all of you here to better understand what it means to live a highly spiritual life.

In summary, ALL jobs are spiritual since they are (in essence) about providing a product or service that will improve the quality of life of many individuals.

However, for you to qualify being called ’a spiritual person’ or, for you to live a highly spiritual life, you must always have Love, Harmony, Oneness and Compassion as the underlying reasons for all of your daily, inner and outer activities.

Now that you have come to deeply understand what it means to be spiritual, let us answer Adele’s first question:

Is it ‘unspiritual’ or ‘wrong’ to want money, to love money, or, to have lots of money?

No, it is not wrong to want money. You are God, always expressing yourself as God the Creator. If your life experiences have brought you to a point where you have decided to become more abundant and have more money in your bank accounts, what is wrong with that? You simply need to put your powerful ‘Creator’ thinking cap on, tune in to the vibrations of financial abundance and create a completely different reality where money is abundantly flowing in your life. There is nothing wrong, or unspiritual about wanting to create, manifest or experience more money in your life.

There is nothing wrong with loving money either. It is not unspiritual to love money. In fact, we have just revealed above that whenever the energies of Love are present, it will turn out to be a spiritual inner, or, outer activity.

And thus, it is very spiritual to love money.

However, it is important for you to note here, loved ones, that our definition of ‘loving money’ is the higher-dimensional definition, and not a lower one. If you have truly become the kind of person who is in love with everything and the world around you (e.g. every person, animal, rock, tree, every element, every animate/inanimate object), then that energy of divine love will naturally expand to include the love of money.

There is nowhere where God is not, and there is no-thing that God is not.

After all, money is also made up of Energy - the same Electronic Light Substance that is God/Source, that can also be found in your own physical bodies. Saying the following simple sentence: ‘I love you money‘ should feel as natural, and as right, as saying these sentences: ‘I love you mom’, ‘I love you dear husband/wife/partner’ or, ’I love you my friend’.

And if you find it difficult to say words of love towards money then perhaps now is the time for you to dig deep into your subconscious - to find out why is it challenging for you to love money and to release these aspects of yourself that have been blocking your path to greater abundance. Growing up, have you perhaps been exposed, or conditioned by the people around you, to many false beliefs such as ‘money is the root of all evil’, or, ‘people who have plenty of money are all greedy, ungodly or unspiritual’?

Beloved, you need to be loving and good friends with money, to attract and have more of them in your life. Just like whenever you take the time/spare no efforts to create a loving relationship with the people around you, you will undoubtedly enjoy a life filled with many wonderful, lifelong friends -> whenever you have a loving and respectful relationship with money, your life will take off to greater heights and infinite abundance will continue to flow your way. Is this not the kind of life that you prefer to have?

Or, would you truly be happy with a life where you are always: just getting by (i.e. living paycheck to paycheck), needing to count every penny, and so careful to ensure you do not live beyond your means?

Lastly, there is nothing wrong or unspiritual about having lots of money. God wants you to enjoy your life on Earth and create a happy future for yourself. So, why would it be wrong to have lots of money? Well-being is your Divine Birthright and thus, having all of your needs fulfilled is important in order for you to experience this well-being. And since money is still an important factor in helping you experience this state of well-being, having a lot of money is definitely a good thing. There is nothing unspiritual about you having lots of money in your bank accounts right now.

However, what you do with the money that has been gifted to you, will define who you are as a person -> whether you are a spiritual person (with love as the basis of your action towards self and others), or, a non-spiritual person (who continues to operate out of fear, lack, scarcity, or ‘power over others’ mode).

Those of you here who are currently enjoying financial freedom, please know that the freedom you have is a precious spiritual gift that your I AM has bestowed upon you. What you do with this gift; with this power, will either help to create: ‘an accumulated good’ for yourself, or, a karmic debt that you will one day be held accountable for.

If you use this Financial Power for your own higher good and the higher good of everyone/the world around you, then you are completely aligned with the Laws of Divine Love and Use of Energy. If on the other hand you use your wealth as a power play; to manipulate the people around you and bend them to your will; to show off your wealth or, squander it unwisely on things that do not really matter - in this scenario, you are exhibiting behaviors that are non-compliant to the following Cosmic Laws: the Law of Harmony, the Law of Love, the Law of Karma and the Law of Conservation of Energy.

Divine Cosmic Laws are always operational in all aspects of physical life on planet Earth, which means, how you use the money given to you will determine how your life will turn out. There are two types of Karma, loved ones. The karma of: commission and omission. You create a karma of commission when you use the energies given to you in a discordant manner towards all-in-existence. You create a karma of omission when you omit (fail or, neglect to do) something that you really should be doing.