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Our Sacred Quest for Freedom (Part 2) ~ St Germain, Liberty, Portia & Athena (August 2, 2020).


Beloved St Germain and the Goddesses of Liberty, Justice & Truth, there maybe people here who were feeling confused about the potentially conflicting advice given in previous message(s).

When faced with making a decision (in our sacred quest for Freedom), which one out of the following two options is the most suitable one to make, to stay in perfect alignment with our I AM Presence & our Ascension goals?

Option A:

To rebel, revolt, resist, join peaceful protests/demonstrations, act up, speak out, ‘battle it out’, take action and hold the ‘villains’ accountable for their actions -> in order to defend our Free Will to: do/be/express ourselves, whenever we feel that our freedom; our rights are not respected, or have been oppressed/taken away from us.

Is the ‘rebellion’ or ‘resistance’ route, the true, higher-dimensional route that we should always choose for ourselves, in order to reach that Holy Land of the Free?

Option B:

In several messages channeled here in recent times, it had been mentioned that:

Resistance is all about believing that you are vulnerable and susceptible to something not wanted and thus you are holding a stance of protection - which only holds you in a place of not letting in the Well-Being that would be there otherwise.

So does this mean we should do our best not to resist, and just meekly surrender our fates, rights or freedom, to the people/world around us - in order to create a harmonious environment for all involved? Is it truly the higher dimensional way to simply accept, not take any action, and choose to live peacefully with others, by always: letting go, forgiving and forgetting the unfairness/injustices/the wrongs that had been done unto us?

In other words, must we always love our ‘enemies’ and passively/patiently accept all the restrictions/unfair limitations/wrongs that people or the world had imposed upon/done unto us, with the hopes that one day...they will change their ways?

Is passively accepting everything, and trying our best to be a saint, (in the face of all aggravating or unfair situations, especially whenever our Freedom was being oppressed/limited/taken away from us) the higher dimensional route that we should always choose instead?

Will the route that we need to take depend on the unique challenges/situations that we are facing in that moment?

And now, at the risk of sounding a bit like Shakespeare, I also felt the need to ask the following questions to you all, that are in fact variations of his ‘To be or not to be - that is the question’ soliloquy in Hamlet.

To rebel or not to rebel (e.g. against strict parents, against an abusive spouse, or against oppressive authorities)?

To resist or to accept (e.g. the many measures/rules/restrictions that the government and/or businesses had put in place to ‘fight’ the virus)? To wear or not to wear a face mask as mandated and enforced by law e.g. here in Melbourne?

To walk away from a fight in order to maintain peace, or, not to walk away -> by standing our ground & working hard to reach an agreement/a win-win solution that will be fair for all parties?

To delete all low-vibrational comments/videos/posts, or, not to delete anything (perhaps for the sake of either: defending the cause of Freedom of speech/self-expression, or, maintaining a harmonious relationship with the people involved so that their feelings are not hurt)?

To participate in peaceful protests to bring about change, or, not to participate?

To send or not to send the animal livestock that we currently ‘own’ to those very low-vibrational places so that we can sell their body parts for a living/for a profit, and pay our bills.

To break free, walk away and live a happier life for ourselves (e.g. by breaking our vows/promises/agreements previously given in any type of relationship, such as family, romantic, business, employer-employee relationships), OR, to live harmoniously with those around us by not making any changes/waves -> by keeping the status quo and staying together no matter what, for the sake of keeping our promises.

Moreover, how exactly can we start implementing and practicing the fine art of ‘giving all living beings the Unconditional Love and Complete Freedom that they deserve’?

It sounds so good in theory (i.e. as an ideal), but realistically speaking, it will be quite challenging for mankind to practise, or, implement in this particular time period that we are in.

For example:

How can parents give absolute freedom for their children to do whatever they want to do in their lives?

Is this truly good parenting? What if the children then abused such a privilege (e.g. by wasting their time/their lives, or, wasting their parents’ money) - will this be the parents’ faults or, the children‘s? And what if our children do not know what to do? As parents, what do we need to do to become a good guide/mentor, whilst at the same time ensuring that our children’s divine freedom to choose for themselves ‘what to be/what to do‘ is always respected?

How can employers ensure that their employees will always do the right things by them (and vice versa) if strict company/labour union regulations are not set in place?

How can citizens of any nation feel safe, if people all over the world are given the Complete Freedom to do whatever they want, and/or, if 3D laws are not there to enforce people’s behaviours so that the majority of people will do ‘the right thing’ by others?

It’s all well and good if everyone on planet Earth has successfully attained a high level of consciousness based on unconditional love, however realistically-speaking, we all know that the human race has got some ‘growing up/waking up’ to do before everyone arrives at the same higher level of consciousness that is constantly anchored in Divine Unconditional Love.

In other words, is giving every single person on Earth the Absolute Freedom to do whatever they want in life, truly the wisest thing to do in this particular NOW moment that we are living in?

Is the human race truly ready for Eternal Freedom, and ALL of its responsibilities (i.e. the responsibilities as previously mentioned in the last channeled message?

People can change. Their beliefs, values, goals or behaviours can change anytime both for the better or for the worse. Although I have always done my best to live my life by not restricting people’s freedom when choosing their own paths, I’d found that with any relationship that we have with the people around us, there are (most of the time) unavoidable expectations to fulfil.

Just like we expect others to keep their promises, honor their vows/commitments, or fulfil their (financial) obligations, we are also expected to do the same for others in return.

And whenever others had let me/let my loved ones down, or, whenever I’d had to follow my own way and ended up letting someone down, I often asked the following questions to myself: ‘Who was most in alignment with their Higher Self in this particular situation? Must we hurt, harm or disappoint one another and/or create conflict/discord in order to remain in alignment with our Higher Self? Who had broken Cosmic Divine Laws, by creating karma for themselves here, i.e. who was actually in the right, or in the wrong?‘

And if people are truly being honest with themselves, I have long sensed that the vast majority of adults within the human collective are also feeling somewhat distrustful of the people/world around us. In other words, right now I do not believe that everyone will always choose to do the ‘right thing’ whenever confronted with 2 (seemingly) polar opposite options:

1) - To do the right thing for themselves & protect their own freedom; their own causes and interests.


2) - To do the right thing for the people & world around them.

especially when the definition of ‘the right thing‘ is oftentimes different for all the parties involved in any conflict/disagreement/discord. And if/when people are feeling pressured to choose between Option 1 or Option 2, then many people will probably choose Option 1, usually at the expense of the people/world around them.

And when that happens, will you please explain whether it was okay for these people/for us to be selfish in this manner, by prioritising their needs over ours/our needs over theirs?

But then again, I remember that Portia (Goddess of Justice) had mentioned before, that believing there is a ‘right or wrong’ to any situation simply indicates the presence of a 3D programming within us that we should always strive to eliminate, for successful ascension to 5D. And so, if we were to take this into consideration, are Options 1 & 2 mutually exclusive? Or, are both options actually one and the same, since in truth we are ONE with All-That-Is? i.e. whenever we choose to do the right thing for ourselves, we‘re in fact doing the right thing for ALL (and vice versa).