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It’s Time To Choose - St. Germain & the Goddess of Liberty (2 April 2020).


Beloved I AM, St. Germain & Goddess of Liberty, thank you for being here with us today for this important Light transmission - especially coded to assist us in successfully anchoring, integrating and mastering the Violet Ray of Freedom into all aspects of our lives, and, into ALL life/places on Earth, whereby Divine Freedom is still either severely limited or non-existent.

Today, on behalf of the Collective, we, your beloved chelas, gratefully request for the Flame of Freedom to blaze so powerfully within ourselves; within our lives, so that we fully become the ‘Torchbearer’ of this flame wherever we go, until this planet can successfully liberate itself from all remaining influences (coming from within/without) that seek to oppress, limit or restrict our/others’ Divine Freedom to be/to do/to create/to exist/to speak our truth, or, to live in perfect: happiness, health, peace, harmony and abundance of every good thing.

We now declare our readiness to finally be free, by first:

agreeing to, constantly, demonstrate our willingness to give the same Freedom that we have been seeking for, to ALL around us (e.g. to other people, the animal & plant kingdoms, and planet Earth).

For we now have come to deeply understand, that when we give ALL the Freedom that they deserve to have, we are actually giving ourselves that same Freedom, in equal measure.

Many of us here had come to remember that we had lived too many lives here on Earth where we had experienced our freedom taken away from us, or, where we had directly, or indirectly, restricted/taken away other living beings’ freedom to be, or to do.

The lack of freedom in our past/present lives and/or, the suffering that we had endured, was oftentimes mirrored and regrettably displayed in our own behaviours towards those around us (e.g. in the mistreatment of Mother Earth, in the mistreatment of animals, or, in the exploitation/injustice those weaker than us had had to endure).

Of course, most of the time we might not even realise what we were actually doing - the behaviours could be so automatic/deeply ingrained within us, as though we were a computer with faulty programming. We might even convince ourselves that we did those things because we cared about/wanted to save others, and everything we did was ultimately for their own good - thus perfectly justifying our behaviours (that limited another’s freedom) to our own liking. Does this sound familiar, loved ones?

For example, if you’ve been feeling trapped in a loveless marriage not of your own choosing (back then you’d had to obey your parents), there is a high probability that one day, you may cause your children to go through the same experience - by you perhaps feeling driven to choose their life partners and not allowing them to choose their own.

These types of behaviours had undoubtedly trapped us in an endless karmic cycle of our own making for thousands of years.

We now also declare our readiness to:

permanently break karmic cycles of any kind (especially with those closest to us), and, always strive to create a peaceful, harmonious environment where ALL beings can one day live on Earth, in Eternal Freedom from fear, cruelty, oppression, slavery, or other limiting conditions of any kind.

Thank you beloved St. Germain (the God of Freedom) & the Goddess of Liberty, for constantly helping us to manifest Eternal Freedom into all aspects of life on Earth.

It is done. It is done. It is done.

And so it is.

This message will be focusing on all aspects of freedom, not just Financial Freedom, as They will be sharing with us all how to manifest unlimited Well-Being (in all of its forms) that is the Divine Right of every single embodied soul on Earth.

‘How to manifest financial freedom and infinite abundance’ is certainly a hot topic that has occupied people’s minds for a very long time. There had been a lot of books written on the subject, as well as videos, blogs, articles, seminars or workshops created in the past, to help people master the art of creating and living an abundant life.

However now that many things that we used to take for granted have become: scarce, out of stock, or expensive (due to their high demand), and, our basic freedom to go outside seemingly taken away from us due to the draconian measures the people/government/authorities in power have put in place to ‘fight’ the virus - there is a need for us to better understand exactly:

1) what exactly is happening right now (from a higher perspective);

2) how long this situation will continue;

3) how to adapt to this situation with ease & grace, and most importantly,

4) how to play an important part (as the powerful Receivers, Conductors and Transmitters of Divine Love, Light & Freedom Energies that we are) in resolving it.

These will be my questions for the first half of this message.

Nowadays, the entire global population cannot easily escape from being continuously confronted by all the fear-based news; oftentimes showing images of empty supermarket aisles/the long queues at government welfare offices (looking after the newly-unemployeds).

Even if one (such as myself) had deliberately stayed away from watching the news for many years, one still could not help but discover the many 3D dramas unfolding right now as we speak.

Many light-workers who are ‘in the know’ have long realised that this pandemic situation that humanity has (subconsciously, or, supraconsciously) created, is now being used as a powerful Higher tool, to permanently purge all deeply-rooted 3D beliefs, wounds, or traumas that had previously been ‘swept under the rug’ & remained largely unnoticed, or, unresolved for a very long time.

The following are examples of just a few of the 3D programming or beliefs (based on fear, scarcity, lack of freedom, or, power-over-others), present within our Collective consciousness, that are being released and transmuted into Higher Light right now as we speak:

- Money (and many other things that can be found on Earth) are limited sources. There is never enough for everyone and thus, we have to fight, compete, or hoard as much as possible, to survive.

This ‘survival of the fittest’ instinct that stemmed from a strong, deeply-rooted belief in scarcity/lack that is currently at play, has recently induced many people to take action to eliminate their fears, in a way that they had been so conditioned to react for thousands of years.

- We can either: make plenty of money, by doing what people normally do, or, do what we love for a living but not making as much and settling for less.

- As long as we have plenty of money/profits, we can: have, or, do harm to, anything we want (e.g. by exploiting/allowing harm to come to other people, animals, and/or, the planet), without caring much about their suffering, about karma or, other long-term consequences.

- Financial freedom belongs only to the minority group. The rest of us have to slave-away, struggle in our own rat races, and work hard for a living.

- Death is the single, greatest tragedy that can happen to someone, and thus it is something that should always be prevented from happening.

(I loved the following video of Abraham-Hicks, that had debunked this great fallacy of death, in the clearest and most beautiful way:

- Our physical, mental or emotional health is highly dependent on what is happening (externally) in our lives and, in the outside world. We may occasionally have control over our health; but never all the time. Thus we must never drop/lower/let down our guard; we must remain constantly vigilant, for we have long believed that planet Earth is a dangerous place to live on. This belief is after all continuously proven ‘right’ every time we turned on the TV & watched the news.

- We do not have the luxury nor the freedom to do whatever we want in life, since the banks partially own our houses, and/or, we are morally ‘obligated’ to support our family. Following the call of our hearts, to do what we love to do in life, is thus a potentially dangerous/risky endeavour that may cause the financial freedom we have been seeking for, to remain forever out of reach.

- There is nothing we can personally do to liberate our lives and win against ‘the oppressive system’. We are now living a reality where our basic rights to move about, or to live our lives the way we want, have been taken away from us, under the guise of protecting the public/containing the virus. Any resistance is futile and will only potentially create negative consequences for ourselves.

- The world is a dangerous place. We are now required to ‘socially distance’ ourselves from others, in order to keep our (and other people’s) physical bodies healthy and, virus-free. (Thus inadvertently keeping alive the 3D Separation paradigm, instead of ushering a new golden era of Unity).

- Following our inner guidance, may cause us to lose our precious freedom to choose what to do with our time/lives. What if one day, our I AM Presence requires us to do something that we do not wish to do/we are not prepared to do (just yet)? Are we truly ready to surrender control of our lives over to God?

Can you see what is truly happening here, dear friends?

The entire world has been so deeply longing to experience Complete, Eternal Freedom of Self; i.e. the experience of everlasting Freedom from ALL debilitating fears and, from ALL limiting conditions (imposed by ourselves, by others and/or by ‘the system’).

Within humanity’s psyche, we have been feeling ‘safe enough’ and thus are now finally ready to re-claim our Divine Birthright - the Eternal Freedom that we (in the past) had often given away (mostly by Higher choice) to others, for the purpose of experience, expansion and soul growth.

We have been yearning to re-emerge back into the Light of our God-Self, who has remained forever free from all of the limiting stories that we had continuously created for ourselves, in many of our past/present lives here on Earth.

This is truly going to be THE lifetime where we will successfully claim our Eternal Freedom and once again become someone who is as limitless as God, the Creator.

Earth will in the end become a planet ruled by God’s Cosmic Laws, where Divine Rights of ALL living beings reign supreme“ - (the Goddess of Liberty).

I had cried many happy tears today, as I read (over and over again) what the Goddess of Liberty had just promised us all, in the above sentence.

And now, external situations are ‘forcing’ many people to finally face their deepest fears; their shadows and scars, coming from current & past lifetimes when/where their basic Freedom had, oftentimes, been taken away from them.

For example, the basic freedom to live/prosper on this planet; the basic freedom of speech - to express their truths; the freedom to have beliefs not approved by powerful religious authorities; the freedom from wrongful imprisonments by those with wealth/political/military powers, etc.

Although our present-day governments’ original intention may be well-meaning, (depending on the ones making all the decisions - they might even be part of the Forces of Light who have been secretly tasked to keep Earth citizens safe with these global lockdown measures, thus allowing many ‘clean-up’ operations to take place behind the scenes), unfortunately, the loss of much of our basic Freedom right now has become an undeniable fact; a manifested physical reality - successfully bringing out much of the Collective’s traumas out into the Light, for a major healing.

We can only begin the process of healing our bodies; healing our lives (i.e. our Individual and Collective Consciousness) when the presence of ‘that which is holding us back’ from ultimately experiencing the Eternal Freedom we seek, gets exposed and completely revealed in its entirety.

For example, if you do not know that your body has a hidden, yet-undiscovered illness of any kind, how can you then take immediate actions to prevent it from getting worse before it is too late? Early detection of any and all imbalances is always better than later on trying to cure an illness already in its advanced stages.

Just like a lot of light-workers had (mostly) completed an intense purification period throughout 2019, and now that the Human Collective’s turn to go through the same Awakening, Purging and Deep Healing/Realignment Phases has finally arrived, it’s our job to simply maintain our high, 5D vibrations wherever we go.

Living on an Ascending planet is truly not for the faint-hearted. Together we can do this!

St Germain:

Greetings beloved Masters.

We, the Light-Beings in charge of Earth’s Ascension, are extremely pleased with the progress of your individual and collective’s journeys back to the Light-of-God within.

Many of you reading this message, had expressed in different ways, your heartfelt requests for visible, major global changes to occur faster.

Over the years you had prayed, or, expressed similar thoughts such as these:

‘Enough is enough - let all wars be permanently stopped on Earth’;

‘Let the positive changes begin now - bring them on’;

‘Please God, grant unto us permanent, everlasting peace and harmony on Earth’;

’No matter how hard we work, we just can’t seem to get ahead/save much money. Please God, show us the simplest, and most effective way to liberate our lives from the financial shackles that seemed to have enslaved humanity for a very long time‘;

or, my favourite:

‘Dear God, thank you for the Infinite Love, Peace, Joy, Harmony, Freedom, Oneness and Abundance that are ours to have, and to share, always’.

Most of you here have immediately understood why the last one was my favourite, and the answer is simple.

A statement of gratitude such as this, when backed by the emanation of your genuine, positive feelings, is the most powerful form of prayer.

When making this type of statement, you are in fact expressing your desires as though they have already been manifested in your physical reality, and thus, it will guarantee the speedy manifestation of such a reality in your life and in the world around you.

Never underestimate the Mighty Power of your prayers, thoughts, words and feelings, loved ones, provided that they are all expressed in the energetically-expansive (rather than energetically-contractive) manner that supports your ‘Act of Creation’.

Rest assured that they had ALL been heard, and, answered by the Universe, by God, and by all of us here who are always working hard to help you manifest the grand dreams that you have for yourselves, for Earth and humanity.

Here comes 3 powerful mantras that We highly recommend for you to mentally/verbally recite often, daily, in your spare time. Of course if you already have your own set of mantras that never fails to lift your vibrations, then please keep doing what you are already doing. Your loving service to ALL in this manner is very much needed right now.

In these times of uncertainty, the following Sanskrit mantras can help you to transcend ‘the small-self’, merge with your I AM, and in the long run help you to manifest the physical reality that you deeply desire for yourself and ALL on Earth.

Let us gently remind you, beloved Masters, that Sanskrit is one of the very few ancient languages on Earth that can powerfully activate the state of ‘Higher Consciousness’ within, thus greatly accelerating your spiritual growth.

Chanting, singing, speaking these mantras often, will thereby focus all of your energy, time and being, on what you wish to create/embody whilst on Earth, rather than just focusing on ‘What-Is’.

They will greatly assist you and humanity, to create & maintain high vibrations of love, peace, perfect bliss, and freedom daily, during these amazing times of transition that you are all going through right now.



May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words, and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all.

2) The Moola Mantra:




OM - We are calling on the Highest Energy of All

SAT - The formless, the Unmanifest Potential, the Truth

CHIT - Infinite Consciousness of the Universe

ANANDA - Pure Love, Bliss & Joy

PARABRAHMA - The Supreme Creator

PURUSHOTHAMA - Manifested in every living being

PARAMATMA - Who comes into my heart, and becomes my inner voice whenever I ask

SRI BHAGAVATHI - The Divine Mother, power aspect of creation

SAMETHA - Together within Non-Duality

SRI BHAGAVATHE - The Father of Creation, Unchangeable & Permanent

NAMAHA - I bow in deepest reverence. I thank you and acknowledge this presence in my life. I ask for your guidance at all times.

3) The Gayatri Mantra: one of the most powerful mantras in the world.

Perfect for purifying your energy field; aligning you back to the Light of Source within.

Let us now answer Adele’s four questions as previously mentioned above.

Her Higher Self had partially answered the first question herself when she explained that humanity is currently in the middle of the biggest healing and transformation period never experienced before, in the history of this planet.

The greatest ‘show‘ ever created by mankind has now started on Earth, and your victory is NOW here.