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At Raphael's Healing Space, we recognise that you were born with limitless potential and that you are already healthy in spiritual truth. Life however has a way of putting a high number of stressors on your mind, body and spirit. And when all of this lifetime negativity is not regularly removed from your body's energetic fields, they can potentially block you from having the kind of life that you deserve to have.


The energy healing treatments that we offer, such as Reiki, Pellowah and ARH, will work on all levels of your bodies: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual to bring about balance, deep relaxation and complete healing to those who are ready for it.


We also offer Channeled Reading sessions to help you connect with your Higher Self and Spirit Team (your Guardian Angels & Guides); to gain their loving words of advice and support. 


We are dedicated in helping you move forward in life, heal an illness, heal any physical or emotional wounds, as well as reveal your hidden potential and inner beauty for all the world to see.


Book a treatment or, a channeled reading session today and discover the transformational benefits of all our services.


Meet the Practitioner


Adele Arini is an energy healing practitioner based in Melbourne, Australia - whose primary missions in life are to 'spread messages of love' and to 'help heal the planet and all of its inhabitants'. Adele is highly gifted with the four intuitive clairs: clairsentience, clairaudience, claivoyance and claircognizance. She is now sharing these wonderful spiritual gifts with all who ask for it, by becoming a bridge/channel between them and the Divine. She will be able to assist if you need help in alleviating any pain or suffering; or if you are feeling stuck, lost, unhappy with your life and need some guidance in going forward; or if you are feeling stressed/imbalanced and desperately need to get your center back.



** Our Hours of Operation have changed **

Based on local time, Melbourne Australia (AEDT).  

We are now open:

Monday to Friday

9 AM - 2 PM, and, 5 PM - 8 PM.


10 AM - 2 PM, and, 5 PM - 8 PM.  

(We are closed between 2 PM - 5 PM on Monday to Saturday, and, on Sundays).

Your Ascension into Divine Love ~ Paul the Venetian, the Maha Chohan (1-1-2021).


Greetings, dearly beloved.


I am forever your friend, Paul.


Every single person who has come across this message, will experience one of the following three different reactions.

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Tel: 03 9568 8051

Base of Operation:

City of Melbourne

VIC, Australia.

Operational Hours:

Weekdays: 9 AM - 2 PM,

and, 5 PM - 8 PM.

Saturdays: 10 AM - 2 PM,

and, 5 PM - 8 PM.

- By Appointments Only -

ABN: 96 545 019 054

Adele Arini

Medical Intuitive & Empath

Energy Medicine Practitioner

Reiki Master

Pellowah Practitioner

Messenger for the Divine 

Access Bars Practitioner (BP)

Spiritual & Ascension Guide

Light Language Specialist




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