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This page is created and dedicated in service to the Light. It will be used to pass on any relevant information that may assist: in the creation of New Earth, and, in your own healing, purification, transformation, Mastery & Ascension journey.

Updates will occur somewhat regularly depending on inspiration from Source/the I AM within. The messages here are always posted according to Divine Timing & Higher Will, and thus can never be rushed.

Thank you for not sending us emails requesting for: more messages/a specific type of channeled messages.
New messages will be posted here only when ready. 

We had spent a lot of hours writing and editing each post here, with love and devotion. We apologise for any wrong spelling, grammatical error, or other types of mistakes that you may perhaps find here. Rest assured that we will always do our best to minimise these mistakes, for a better reading experience.
Raphael's Healing Space is essentially a non-profit, spiritual based service, thus we rely on your financial support to do our work.

If you have found: healing, comfort, support, inspiration, or guidance in our work, you might want to consider donating.
We now prefer to use Square for all card payments/donations made on this site. You can enter any AUD amount that you wish. Simply click on the 'Donate' button below and follow the prompts to arrange your gift. 
Alternatively, if you wish to donate via: Direct Deposit/EFT/Cheque/PayPal, simply email us for more information. 
Your loving donations will ensure these messages can continue to be freely accessible for many years to come.
Thank you for your generosity. Namaste.
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